Sunday, September 28, 2008

Game Day!!

The day that I found out that I was pregnant with my second boy I knew that Saturdays jam-packed with sports were in my distant future. The first of those many Saturdays came yesterday. Carson had his very first soccer game bright and early yesterday morning, followed closely by Cade's football game. The girls served as good little cheerleaders who were in desperate need of a nap!

Cade's football team did really good, and he played his position well. The Apaches came VERY close to winning, they only lost by one point!! Carson, Emmy, and Ellie all caught a spirit stick from the cheerleaders, and had plenty of fun trying tons of different candy!

The Bruisers had a pretty good first game. Carson played the entire game due to a couple of players that wanted nothing to do with being on the soccer field. Carson basically just followed the pack until he got tired. Then, he would stop for the occasional break, or maybe stop to notice how much the netting on the goal looked like Spider man's web. At one stop to look at the goal a climb actually began until the coach interfered. I think that he might have kicked the ball once. I had to keep reminding myself that he wasn't crying like some, or sitting in the middle of the field like others. ; )

Emma Claire became a little bored with the soccer game, and she decided that she would engage in a sport of her own....BITING her sister's arm!! Just look at that guilty girl!

Poor Miss Ella you see the nasty bite on her arm?!

Carson's poor patient soccer coach was a true Saint, remaining calm throughout the very first game played by 3 and 4 year olds. In the picture above you see Carson has removed his shin guards. He must have done this 3 times during the game because they were "itching" him. Since these were hand-me-downs from Cade we decided to retire them. We went to Academy last night and bought him shin guards that were built into socks. He seems to like those much better!

After the game Carson grabbed Spider man (who had to come to see Carson play soccer ; ) ), and he got in line to give the other team high 5's.

Coming through the tunnel!

Here are some of the cheerleaders.
Uncle Caleb and Emma Claire

This sad picture of Slick doesn't seem to belong in this post, but I promise it does! We had some time to kill between the soccer game and the football game so we decided to stop into a pet store near the fields. Carson spotted the dog costumes, but I wouldn't let him get one because they were ridiculously expensive. I told him that we could look for Slick a costume at Target since we still had time to kill. This was what poor Slick ended up with...he is a puppy pirate! Carson is planning to take him on a walk in this get-up today after nap...should be fun!

We ate at Spring Creek for dinner after the big game day. Right before we headed to the parking lot the kids plopped down on this bench outside the restaurant. Since they were all being so laid back I ran to the van to grab my camera. The girls liked posing with their big brother!

Carson, Spider man (from the fair on Friday), Emma Claire, and Ella Cate

Sam and Cade

~~~and here's to sport filled Saturdays for the rest of fall...yea!~~~

Friday, September 26, 2008

We L-O-V-E The State Fair of TX

We had an AWESOME day at opening day of the "GREAT State Fair of TX"!!! We all took the day off of school and work to have fun at the fair. We have gone on opening day for the past 3 years, and this year I think I can officially call it a Stewart family tradition!
This was the girls' 1st year to come with us, and they truly loved every moment of it! The rides were their favorite part. They wanted to go on all of the rides, and the only meltdown of the day came when I put a stop to the ride-going. I took over 150 pictures in the 5 hours that we were at the fair, so I will let all of the pictures tell the story!

The fam listening to Big Tex talk.

Quick picture next to a State Fair Welcome sign

Carson had his picture taken with this same police officer last year at the fair, so when I recognized him we had to take an updated picture. Carson must have thought that Mr. Policeman was pretty cool because after the picture was taken he walked off doing ninja chops and Power Ranger kicks.

Posing in front of one of the many games on the midway.

Touring one of the beautifully landscaped flower gardens that are on display.

Isn't this cool??

We were watching this cool robot at The Auto Exhibit.

Emma Claire in a Mustang.

Cade in a Mustang GT.

Carson and I posing in front of a cotton candy stand. I never miss the opportunity to have cotton candy at the State Fair! Usually I have a caramel apple too, but I didn't get around to having one this year. : (

Carson munching his cotton candy as we strolled.

Cade enjoyed plenty too!

Emmy snacked on an ice cream cone.

Ella Cate wouldn't stop munching on her sweet treat long enough for me to take a picture!

WE love visiting the food and fiber building! This year they had watermelons that were carved into really cool designs. The man that was carving made the girls a swan and Carson a fish out of a watermelon rind.

Here is Elsie the cow. I couldn't get a picture of all of the kids with Elsie, because we had to move along quickly. Ellie was terrified of this sweet beast!! She was flipping out, like she had never seen a cow before!

Emma Claire loved the calf! I forget his name, but I think that he is supposed to be Elsie's son. He is only 2 weeks old....precious!

Here is the fam learning about how bees make honey. This was particularly interesting to the little ones because they are real into "The Bee Movie" right now. After seeing this display Carson wondered where those bees take their shower "like in the movie"......

Sam and the girls watching "The Flying K-9 Show" (the Frisbee dogs)

Carson, Cade, and Emma Claire watching the Frisbee dogs.

We had a great view of the dogs jumping for the Frisbees into the water!

Our bunch at the petting zoo

Ella Cate feeding a hungry goat

Sam and the little ones walking into the Midway. I always love looking at this sign. It looks like it has so much history.

Cade and Carson went into the fun house together for a mere 20 tickets ($10!!) However, I would pay for it again, they had so much fun together!!

They stopped and waved at us when they were crossing the balcony

Emmy, Ellie, and Carson had lots of fun driving the cars. I thought that it was sweet that they all wanted to be in the same car. I never rode in the same car as my brother on rides. I always wanted my own car...I'm sorry Caleb! : (

Rounding a corner...

The girls cruised a Viking boat...

Cade made Carson a very happy little boy when he won the water shooting game, and let Carson pick the prize. Carson picked a Spider man stuffed toy. He must have thanked Cade 15 times. ; )

Sam tried to win another prize with no success. ; )

After Sam's failed attempt at the basketball game we headed back to the van with bellies full of junk and smiles on our faces. What a fun day at the fair!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Night In The Twilight Zone

I definitely had a very strange evening yesterday! The start to Wednesday evening seemed normal. We went to Carson's soccer practice, and we ate dinner at Jason's Deli. On our way home from Jason's Deli Sam wanted to show me a house that he liked. After determining that the house would never work for our family we headed home. Driving down a street near our home we noticed the lights from MANY cop cars. We figured there was a big accident, so we decided we should take an alternate route, but we couldn't. The side street was blocked off. After looking at several signs we quickly realized that the cops were doing a mandatory stop for all cars. They were checking for drivers licenses, proof of insurance, and registration, along with other things I am sure. We were in a bit of a bind because Sam was driving without his wallet...therefore he had no license! When we thought no cops were looking we made a quick swap, and I got in the drivers seat. All was well until I got up to the cop, and I couldn't find my insurance card! I received a ticket for not being able to show proof of insurance, only to arrive home and remember that I had put it in my sunglasses compartment!

My crazy evening did not end there! We had done the nightly bathing routine, everyone was in bed, and I was about to hit the hay. As I was walking into my bedroom I felt something on my back, so I put my hand under my night shirt. A Gecko plopped to the ground and slithered behind the coffee table!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally lost it! I screamed, stripped all of my clothes off, and could not gain control for a very long time! Sam informed me that I appeared to be in need of psychiatric help, and Slick was going insane trying to save me. Sam felt sorry for the Gecko that he claims I scarred, so he rescued the nasty thing and put him outside. I still get chills when I think about it!!! How gross is it that one of those see through Geckos was crawling up my back??!!

After that I truthfully was scared of what might happen next! Thankfully things got back to normal, and Thursday went by without any crazy happenings. Tomorrow we are all taking the day off from work and school to go to opening day at The State Fair! I am soooo excited! I LOVE the fair! We will try to steer clear of cops and Geckos! ; )

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Brenda (a little late)!!!

I had the best of intentions to wish my good friend Brenda a "Happy Birthday" on my blog on her actual b-day, but I am a couple of days late! She will probably be upset with me for advertising that it was her b-day, but I have some really cute pictures of she is extra special!
I have known Brenda for 19 years! We met when her daughter Chelsi and I became best friends in 6th grade! She was a huge part of my pre-teen and teen years...lots of stories there!
In 1998 we became bonded for life when we had baby boys 13 months apart...Cade my very first baby, and Colt her 4th and last baby. It has been wonderful for Cade to have a special friend to grow up with, and for me to become closer to Brenda along the way. We have done so many things together, and we have made countless wonderful memories. Happy Birthday Brenda!!

Adventures in Austin March 2008

In Deep Ellum watching Austin's band perform last fall

On Knox Street in Dallas

Brenda helping Carson lace his roller skates last September