Monday, June 30, 2008

Our New Backyard Attraction

The kids are the proud owners of an inflatable water slide for our backyard! Since we hung out at The Williford's a couple of weeks ago for a cookout and playtime on their inflatable slide Sam and I have been determined to get an inflatable slide for the kids. We got to see firsthand how easy it was to set up, deflate, and store...not to mention how much the kids enjoyed playing on it. We also were convinced that it would fit in our tiny backyard (barely). It was nice to get to try it out before we actually purchased it. I had seen commercials and ads for inflatable slides, but was convinced that they were too much of a hassle...not true! The kids used theirs for the first time last night, and they had an absolute BLAST!! The only trying time was when Emmy threw a monstrous fit when it was time to dry off and go inside! They are anxious for Sam to get home from work so they can have more water slide fun tonight!

Emma Claire


Ella Cate

Emma Claire

Rosemeade Rookies (this summer)

It is hard for me to believe that this past Saturday was our first trip to Rosemeade this summer. In previous summers we visited this pool weekly to swim with Grancie, Robin, Caleb, and sometimes Chelsi and Carter. However, this summer has been jam packed with sports camps that pretty much consumed all of June.
Last Saturday, better late than never, we met Grancie, Robin, and Uncle Caleb for a fun swim!

Emmy and Robin

Uncle Caleb and Ella Cate (you can see the stream from Carson's water gun shooting across the picture...he is animal with that thing!)

Uncle Caleb and Cade


Popcorn Pals

If the girls could eat a daily diet that consisted only of popcorn, they would! They love that stuff! It is a real treat for them to eat popcorn while they watch T.V., and it is definitely a trick of bribery that I use at least weekly! ; )

Emma Claire

Ella Cate

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Great Day to Be at The Fort Worth Zoo...

Today the girls and I took a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo with Julie and Quinn. Since Reese is in camp this week and my boys were spending the morning with Nana, it was just the 5 of us. It really was the best Fort Worth Zoo experience that I have ever had. The zoo was not crowded at all, the breeze early in the day made it very comfortable, and lots of animals were out. We rode the carousel, train, and had a nice picnic lunch. We even made it home in time for the girls to have a late nap!! Thanks Julie and Quinn for a really fun trip to the zoo.

The girls getting a good look at an elephant

Julie and Quinn

Emmy and Quinn on the train

Mommy and Ella Cate on the train

Diving Board Day!

The little ones had their last day of swimming lessons last Thursday, and they all went off the diving board at the very end of the class. Carson has been off a diving board before, but it was the girls' first time. They all did tears, and they all wanted to go again after they jumped off! My camera takes pitiful action shots, but here is what I got... Ella Cate

Emma Claire


Carson in action

Quinn and the girls all bundled up after lessons

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday Caleb!!

On June 17th my little brother turned 28 years old! I meant to post on his actual b-day, but it never happened. Instead I will post today since we celebrated his birthday this evening at Uncle Julio's.
It is hard for me to believe that the little guy who ran around in He-Man underwear and watched WWF wrestling religiously is 28. But then again his big sister (only 23 months older than him) will be 30 in exactly 1 month and 5 days...scary!
It is only now that I have children of my own that I understand how priceless the bonds between siblings are. I watch my children play, and I thank my lucky stars that they have each other. I hope that when they are old and gray they will talk for hours on the phone with one another just like my Granny has always done with her sisters.
Sadly, as a young child I always wanted a sister. Most of the time I was not a very nice sister to Caleb. The way my mom describes our younger days he worshiped me, and I wanted nothing to do with sad. : ( Needless to say I have many happy memories of times that we have spent together. He stood up for me, and we were getting along pretty good by the time that I moved out of my mom's house.
He loves my children unconditionally. He is so wonderful with them, and each one of them knows that their Uncle Caleb loves them very much. Sam and I wish that he could come and live with us, since anytime he is around he is constant entertainment for the little ones! I am convinced that one day he will make an awesome Daddy to a special little child...I look forward to that day! Happy birthday K-Bob...I am happy that you are my brother!
*I think it is so funny that my girls call Caleb Uncle Ca-bub. It reminds me that my MoJo always called him K-Bob and K-Bobber when we were growing up. ; )*

Caleb, Mom, and Cade at Caden's 9th b-day party

Carson and Uncle Caleb

Christmas in Texarkana 2007

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun at The Williford's New House

Last Saturday we went to a fun party at The Williford's beautiful new house. The girls played on their fun inflatable slide in their very spacious backyard (the boys were with my mom). We ate great food and visited until late. The girls were kept really entertained in Reese and Quinn's fun playroom. The girls have been talking about that slide all week...they are ready for some more fun with Reese and Quinn! ; )



Ella (I didn't get a picture of Emmy in action on the slide, but trust me she slid many times!)

Ellie, Reese, and Quinn

Our Very First Garage Sale

We survived our very first garage sale last weekend! It wasn't nearly as bad as I have been told that garage sales can be! I have been preparing for this garage sale for well over a year, but never pulled it off until last Saturday! We made a little money, and I'm so thankful to get rid off all of the junk that had started to pile up! Cade was a huge help, and made some money of his own for his efforts! Sadly, I didn't get any great pictures of our garage sale. Sam snapped this one of Cade and I as we were organizing can see the little ones doing some organizing of their own in the background!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Is In Full Swing!

We are halfway through our very first week of summer vacation. I have been counting down and waiting for this week to come since March. I have loved every single second, and we are starting to get our daily routine down. However, I have no shame in saying that I am exhausted! It is a different kind of exhaustion than I get when I am teaching during the school year. My exhaustion shows in my crackly voice that I am about to lose from singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for the 102nd time, the pieces of dirt in my hair that Emma Claire decided to sprinkle on me in the front yard, and the stain on my t-shirt from the bubbles that Ella Cate spilled on me. It's a wonderful exhaustion. I always have the utmost respect for stay-at-home Mommys, but my respect is at its highest this time of year. Being with 4 children around the clock is a blessing, but not always a breeze. ; )
The little ones have been taking swimming lessons with Ms. Stacey. They started this past Monday, and they will go through next week. Carson is doing great. He really seems to have natural form and he loves being under water. The girls are thrilled with the idea of swimming lessons, but they get apprehensive when they have to actually get into the pool. Poor Emma Claire cries on and off for the entire lesson as she stresses out about her turn to be passed between 2 teachers underwater. When they get to her she always informs them that it is "Ella's turn". Ellie seems to be enjoying the lesson once they get into the water. No tears for Miss Ellie. The girls are taking lessons with their friend Quinn, and Emmy and Quinn take turns crying. Hopefully by the end of next week we will all be tear free!
Today I took pictures of the girls in their fun swimsuits from Chelsi! The girls were VERY proud of their teeny bikinis...thanks Chels! ; )
I tried to get pictures of Carson after his lesson, but he was too busy with his buddy Ethan...I will post some of he and Cade soon!

Ellie getting ready to be passed

The girls dried off in their "Hello Kitty" towels after their lesson. You can tell by the look on Emmy's face that she is not thrilled that I made her "suffer"through the lesson.

I wanted a picture of them in their swimsuits, but they were cold!

Emmy (left) Ellie (right)

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm Going To Miss Julie

My good friend and 4th grade team mate was offered a counseling job in Mansfield yesterday. She accepted it of course because that is what she was placed on this Earth to do, but my team will miss her so much! I have worked with her for the past 4 years, and I have been friends with her since I moved to Arlington. We have so much in common, and we have made many memories together. I will miss having a close friend to talk to just a classroom away!
Since today was the end-of-year teacher workday we spent time together talking, crying, and reminiscing with our team. In the pictures we are partaking in our school's tradition to meet at Cracker Barrel on the last day of the year.
My team... Me, Kathy, Carrie, and Julie

Cade's 3rd Grade Awards

Last Monday Cade had his awards ceremony at school. He had a wonderful 3rd grade year. He really enjoyed his teachers, and he has come so far this year! I can hardly believe that next year he will be in 4th grade with me! He got many cool awards on Monday, and Sam and I got to be there to watch! Cade with Mrs. Turner (his reading teacher) and Mrs. Hegar (his homeroom and math teacher)

Cade getting an award from Mrs. Hegar

Cade and his best buddy Jaylin

Cade showing off his "Super Citizen" award

Pictures From a Pretty Day at The Park

Pictures from last Sunday at the park... Emmy, Cade, Carson, and Ellie

Cade and Emma Claire

Cade's "WWE" face and Carson

I love that Carson was so into sword fighting that he didn't realize that his eyes were crossed! ; )

Emmy and Ellie

Ellie wearing her wildflower that Daddy picked for her

"Best Brothers"


Carson going round and round on his scooter

I was watching the girls and Carson picking wildflowers...