Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mavs Game

Last night we joined Chels, Carter, Brenda, and Colt for a Mavs game! Amazingly enough Brenda got the tickets for $2 each!! We headed out to Dallas early so we were able to go to Hooters in West End (free kids night! :), and then we let the kids play on the inflatables in front of The AAC before we went into the game. Everyone had an awesome time!

Cade and Colt

Ella and Carter having fun on the inflatable

Daddy and his girls at Hooters...girls didn't have Mavs gear, so they wanted to wear Rangers gear instead!

Me and the guys...I promise I'm not choking Car!

Feasting at School

Carson and the girls had their feasts this week at school, and fortunatley I was able to make it to both feasts. Carson had a really yummy looking feast! Home cooked everything, and I was the mom that brought the plates and napkins! Ha! Cooking has never been one of my strengths! :)

One of the moms made cupcakes with fondant turkeys and pumpkins on top. They were so cute! Carson thought that the fondant was clay, and he and his friend proceeded to re-mold it!

Carson with Jason, Sam, and Brennan

The girls enjoyed their feasts too!

As you can tell one of them liked the apples and cheese best!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chilly Cheerleading (and Football)

This morning the girls and Carson had their last football/cheer game of this season. They did a great job despite the chilly weather. Everyone looked so cute all bundled up...especially Quinny all in pink!

Emmy girl

Ella Cate in action



goofy Ellie

all bundled up together

Cade is so patient with all of the little girls who like to hang out with him!

This is our little "mascot" she wants to cheer so bad, and she tries to do everything that the big girls are doing!

cookie monster cheer! The girls love this one!

The 2 Reeses

catching spirit sticks

cheering for the boys after the game

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!

We celebrated Sophie's 2nd birthday last week on 11-11-10! The girls insisted that we get her a birthday cake and a birthday prize! So we headed to Kroger and got her a $3 closeout pumpkin shaped cake that turned out to be very yummy. Poor So got no cake, but she enjoyed her bone that the girls picked out for her! They loved celebrating their Sophie!

helping her blow out the candles

me and my Sophie girl

Ellie getting kisses from sweet Sophie

Cheer Competition

Today the girls performed a cheer at The Optimist competition. They cheered one of their favorites "Bang Bang Choo-Choo Train". There was a whole gym full of people watching them, and they did great! Here are Ashy and El before we checked in.

Emmy girl


The pre-K/K Highlander cheerleaders

The girls with Miss Aimee and me. We've learned a lot being their sponsors this season!

My girls with Quinny and me!

Carson checking out one of the girls medals after performing. Of course my camera went dead during their performance! Hopefully someone else got some good shots of them performing!