Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumkin Patch, Pumpkin Carving, and My Ghostess With The Mostest Girls

Today was a fun fall day for our family! The morning started off great because I got to dress the girls in what I considered one of the cutest little outfits that they have ever worn. They wore their "Ghostess With The Mostest" shirts, with a little black ballerina skirt, black leggings, and their ballet style Crocs. I LOVE dressing them up. To top everything off they were just as excited about their little outfits as I was. Emmy twirled nonstop. Tomorrow and Friday they have Halloween parties at school, so they will be wearing their costumes those days.

The girls look soooo much alike to me in the picture above! Emma Claire is on the left, and Ella Cate is on the right.

Ready to head to school.

This afternoon Carson skipped his little soccer practice so that we could go to the pumkin patch. I honestly didn't think that we were going to make it to the patch this year...we just couldn't find the time. Earlier this month I had high hopes of going to one of the cool patches that I have seen people blog about, but we really couldn't pull that off on a Thursday night. Instead we went to a little pumpkin patch that a local church organizes. It is small, but it serves the purpose.
I had 2 reasons to go to the patch...1.Find a pumpkin 2. Get pictures of the kids at the patch....Both of those goals were accomplished, sort of. We got a great pumpkin, but I was not as impressed with the pictures! The kids just weren't looking at the camera. I tried bribing, threatening, and a few other tactics, but none were successful! Sam laughed at me as I tried like a crazy woman to get at least one good picture! He always assures me that the memories are being documented regardless of who is looking at the camera, and I guess he's right! Someday my children will all look at the camera at the same time....

Emma Claire and Ella Cate

Ella Cate and Carson

Cade took this picture of Mommy and Ella Cate

Can you tell that Carson was being forced to stay still??

Ellie Cate making her silly face

The Silly Stewart Kids

Walking the patch with Daddy

finding the perfect pumpkin

carving the pumpkin

Emma Claire showing her yucky hands after pulling the pulp out of the pumpkin.

Carson gagged after touching the inside of the pumpkin. After that, he watched from a distance.

The 2008 Stewart jack-o-lantern

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Pandemonium at The Dallas Zoo

On Sunday we went with Brenda, Chels, Colt, and Carter to The Dallas Zoo for Pumpkin Pandemonium. Before we headed to the zoo we met at a really cool McDonalds that was zoo themed. The kids had big fun being crazy in the play area, and then we set out for the zoo. I was really worried when we pulled into the zoo parking lot and it was basically filled to capacity. However, once we got into the zoo the crowds were dispersed, and we had an awesome time!

I went a little picture crazy on this post, but it was very hard for me to choose my favorites. I think I am just missing has been more than a week since I have posted!

Cade took this picture of Emmy and I at McDonald's. He LOVES taking pictures with what he considers my "fancy camera" ; ).

Cade and Ella Cate playing at McDonald's.

At the entrance of the zoo everyone stopped to pose with a crazy creature. The girls wouldn't take their eyes off of the creature to look at the camera...I think that they were afraid of what he might do. ; )

Carter was ready for a day of fun at the zoo.

Ella Cate and Emma Claire

Carter and the girls looking at the penguins. Notice the girls are now out of jeans and into their was hot!

Cool Colt and Cade

We watched the crocodiles being fed.

Carson and the girls watching the crocs being fed.

Carson questioning Elmo. He was asking him if he was the "real Elmo".

Carter snuggled up with his momma when he saw all of the huge characters.

The girls and I posed with Elmo...they were a bit nervous.

Carson with an interesting version of SpongeBob.

Carson and "Tigger". Car LOVED all of the characters!

Ellie rested while Chels snapped pictures.

Mr. Carson cheesing it and showing off prizes that he won at the little games that were set up.

The girls with Frankenstein

Carson playing a game

Colt, Cade, and Emmy posing with Dracula

Emma Claire


The line for the bounce house was too long so the little ones decided to bounce on this metal contraption that made LOTS of noise.

Carson (looking a bit nervous) and a friendly witch

Cade, Colt, and the witch

*The girls wore their panties to the zoo, and they stayed dry for the entire day...yea! I am hoping that they can be trained by Thanksgiving. They are doing very well!*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Carson's Birthday Buddy is 4!

Carson's very special buddy, Corbin, had his 4th birthday party yesterday. Since Carson and Corbin were born only 4 days apart that means back to back birthday parties! Every October we look forward to getting to spend extra time with Shawna and her boys because of all of the birthday celebrating that we get to do.
Carson had been talking about going to Corbin's Star Wars birthday party at Celebration Park in Allen for days! We were a little late due to some pretty bad traffic, but Carson enjoyed every second that he got to spend with his buddy!
After the party Chels and I went to eat with Shawna and all of her family at Uncle Julio's in Allen. Sadly, I got no pictures of the boys sword fighting with some type of long grass as we waited for our table, but they sure had alot of fun!

Corbin and Carson ready for cupcakes

Emma Claire LOVED the yummy green cupcake!

Carter and Gage inhaling their cupcakes! Carter was sooo entertaining to watch as he blissfully enjoyed the cupcake that I'm almost positive he considered heavenly!

Corbin's cool 4th birthday cupcake cake

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Perfect Party at Pump It Up

Carson and Cade had a great 10th and 4th birthday party. We held the festivities at Pump It Up, and it was a perfect place for the mix of ages that we had invited to their party! We have had their birthday party together once before, and decided to do it again this year. They don't mind sharing their big day (their sisters do it too). It works great for our guests as well, because with their actual b-days being 4 days apart, that means parties 2 weekends in a row. With everyone's busy schedule and family and friends that live on the opposite side of the metroplex, that's alot to ask! It also obviously helps with expenses, which is another definite plus! : )

I decided to post pictures from the boys' party in three different posts....The Fun, The Food, and The Friends...

The Fun

Everyone had alot of fun! The boys loved being able to play (and be a little wild) with all of their friends! They got many wonderful gifts, and truly loved spending the afternoon with all of our favorite people!

At the beginning of the party the boys both received matching Pump It Up bracelets. They then both led the line into the bounce house room.

Shawna and I didn't get to talk as much as I wished that we would have been able to. We were both too busy keeping up with our kiddos!

Courtney McVeigh was a true lifesaver to me during this party! We have known her for years, and she LOVES to play with our little ones! I didn't worry about the girls during the entire party because Courtney was tending to their every need!

Carson played air hockey with his buddy Ryder.

Cade got a bloody lip in one of the bounce houses. Fun, but rough times for the big boys.

Robin and Caleb played a round (or match??) of air hockey.

Emma Claire and Grancie looked at the prize that Grancie got her. She brought them each a pink purse, pink wallet (with $1 inside), pink glittery ball, pink lipstick, and pink gum. They have really enjoyed their prize! It made them feel extra special on a day that was all about the boys.

Caleb gave Carter a ride.

Colt and Cade getting ready to go to the party room.

Grancie and Ella Cate sliding

Corbin and Carson running wild!

Cade and Jalen

Zach Staton and Milyke

Courtney and Ella Cate

Grancie in the party chair

Sam was designated gift helper as the boys opened their presents.

Aunt Madonna, Uncle John, and the boys gave Carson this cool Power Ranger costume!