Monday, January 16, 2012

Dallas Zoo

Since today was MLK holiday we had the day off, and Chels and I decided to meet at The Dallas Zoo. The temperature reached the upper 60s today, and zoo admission is only $5 for January and February! We got to the zoo right after it opened, and it felt like we were the only ones there for awhile! Carson and Cade stayed home to spend time with Nana, and that just left me with the girls! We had some great Mommy/daughter time, and we loved being with Chels, Carter, and Abby.

After getting there the girls spotted a Lemur!

throwing coins in the fountain

seeing penguins

The penguins were so cute and friendly!

We fed giraffes, which was the neatest thing! I could've stayed there all day to watch them!

We saw a precious baby chimp with his mommy and daddy.

Here the baby was riding on her back.

So sweet!! After seeing the chimps we rode the monorail. I hadn't been on it in years, and this was the girls' 1st trip!

We spent some fun time in the children's area until Emmy got her feet wet in the little river that they have. She became miserable and cranky, so we headed to McDonalds for lunch.

We had such a great time, and with the zoo being a 20 min car ride (from Arlington...who knew?), I decided to buy a 1 year membership! I can't wait to go back many more times this year!

Mavs vs Kings

On Saturday Sam and I were invited to The Mavs game with his co-workers! I was excited to have a night out without kids, and thankful to not have to spend a penny!

in Victory Plaza pre-game

We ate at the buffet in The Jack Daniels club, and our table was right next to the window overlooking the practice court. It was so neat to watch all of the players warm up. I was a bit starstruck! Dirk kept looking through the windows watching the football game that was on the restaurant's tv.

I somehow managed to only get pics of Dirk, but we saw Jason Terry, Lamar Odom, and others. I was trying to be discreet, everyone else at the table was acting like this was no big deal!! To me it was a huge deal!!

Our seats were awesome, Sam's co-workers were so nice, and The Mavs won!!

My FREE ticket! Hope they invite us again! :)

The Cobras

Carson is playing indoor soccer this winter. He is on a team with a bunch of boys that he plays football with, and they are called The Cobras. Grancie and Robin came to their first game, and we stopped for a quick picture on the way out of the gym. These are the only pictures I have of his season so far...I'm planning on getting a few of him next weekend in action!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

American Girl Store...1st Visit...For Sure Not the Last!

We went to The American Girl Store at The Galleria today! Grancie got the girls their very own American Girl doll for Christmas, so Sam and I gave them a trip to The American Girl Store as part of their Christmas present from us! We ate lunch, and got some primping for the dolls! Chels met us with Abby, and we shopped after lunch. It was the best day I could have asked for to end the winter break! The pictures in this post are all out of order, but it's all about the memories!! :)
Chels took 2 pictures of our trio, and I liked both, even though Ellie had "scary eyes" on the 1st one! :)

Emmy got her doll, Emory's, ears pierced as her treat.

My sweeties waiting for the dolls to get primped.

At lunch the dolls got their very own high chairs.

$15 Spaghetti and meatballs that my girls didn't take 3 bites of! Ugh!! Oh well, Caden ate them for dinner tonight! :)

They had a spot to hold your doll in the bathroom stall! So cool!!

Abby!! Ate perfect, shopped perfect...couldn't ask for a sweeter baby!! Can't wait for another trip to The American Girl Store with this baby girl!

Emmy with her strawberry muffin! She loved this part of her meal! :)

Fruit kabobs that were shaped like stars and hearts! So fun!

Ella Cate!


Em giving her doll some "drink"

The girls with their sweet friend Abby

Ready for lunch!

Heading up to lunch at The American Girl Doll Store

This pic makes me laugh!! A girl of my own for sure!! Ella bought a watch with her Christmas $$ from Uncle Caleb. Soon after she realized her sissy was going to Justice to spend her $$ from Uncle Caleb. Seconds later El wanted to return her watch to have $ to shop at Justice! :)

Here are my hungry girls!! They didn't eat a bite of their gourmet meals at The American Girl Store, so we stopped at McDonalds in The Galleria! Ha!! :)

Ellie picking up her doll after she was finished having her hair styled. She also has the water bottle she picked at Justice with her Christmas $ from Uncle Caleb!

Sweet girlfriends for life!!

They watched The Galleria Christmas tree being taken down!! Kinda sad, but what a neat day that I will NEVER forget!!!