Thursday, September 22, 2011


Because, lately these 2 are the only ones that will have anything to do with my are some sister love pictures! I love that they have each other!

Breakfast after cheering at their 1st game!

These next 2 are Emmy by herself, but I wanted to capture her love for clipping coupons! She loves Sundays when the paper comes full of coupons!! She will spend hours clipping!! Love her!

Push pops in the their Barbie car that they barely fit in anymore :(

Ella Belle

Miss Em!!

I-phone Randomness!

I haven't downloaded the pics off my phone for quite awhile!! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw some of these! Many of them have been posted on Facebook, but I like to put them on the blog so that hopefully someday I can publish them in a blog book! They make me smile!! What I would give to recreate the picture above this very moment!! I was laying on the beach BY MYSELF!!!!! It was wonderful!!

The kids at a really fun restaurant called Fudpuckers in Destin!

We were all ready for pictures on the beach, and it started storming!!! I was frantic! Chels knew just what I needed to calm down! :)

Our last night in Destin! Emma and Mommy

Our view during our last beach dinner

On our way home from Florida we made one last stop at a Cracker Barrel right outside of Canton. At this point we were soooo ready to get home, but at the moment I'd take that drive in a second to be back at the beach!!

This shows how much the girls love Sophie!! No one touches their Raffis!!

Sophie sleeping with her art!! Both puppy pics were a surprise when I downloaded pics! The girls took them, and I'm so glad they did!!

Emmy took a pic of her back to school letter from Mrs. Binford! :)

First day of school fun!

Emmy's first lost tooth in the tooth treasure box!

Em colored this bag that Grancie got her!

Uncle Caleb and Carson after our last swim of summer 2011. :( Labor Day at Rosemeade Pool

Caden's first game at Gunn

My biggest boy and me after his first 7th grade football game!

Carson and El at Colt's party at Jumpstreet! Coolest party place ever!! Wish I would've thought of that business to start!

Girls at Jumpstreet

A quick dinner at Target after cheer practice

First football game 2011

And ending with a nasty battle wound! When I got a pedicure last Saturday and the polish came off, I finally saw the damage that a desk caused to my toe on my first day back during teacher in service week. That day sucked!! I'm hoping that it doesn't fall off! I chose a really dark color to keep the bruise hidden!! I think this might have been the introduction to the theme of my year this school year! I have no more visible wounds, but it's been a wild ride this past 5 weeks, to say the least! Hoping we got all the kinks out this first 6 weeks!! ;)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day Full of Cheer!!

Saturday kicked off the first day of the 2011 football season for the girls and Carson. Car is playing flag football for the 1st grade Highlanders (3rd year in a row!), and the girls are cheering for the pre-K/Kindergarten Highlanders (2nd year). I will start by saying there are way too many pictures of my mini cheerleaders, because I had a real tough time narrowing them down!! Also, there are no pics of Carson in action, because of one little cheerleader that is suddenly scared of thunderstorms!! Post-Destin FL...ugh!!! The sky got a little scary, and there was so much drama that I had to pack the cheerleaders up, and miss Carson's game that was right after theirs! Emmy is pictured above before the skies got dark!! :)

Ella Belle and Quinny

Carson was supporting the sissys
The following are a bit out of order, but the girls attended the AHS cheer clinic on Saturday afternoon! They had a great time, and they get to perform at the Arlington/Lamar game this Friday night on the big field!!! I took a couple of not so great pics on my phone.

Big girls performing for the parents

The really cool thing was that I had more than 3 of the AHS cheerleaders when they were in 3rd or 4th grade!!
Back to the fields bright and early Saturday morning...
tunnel at half time!

Emmy in action

Ella Belle

Ella...she got to be in most of the pics because Emmy was a little out of my picture range! It's Emmy's turn next week!

Good moves girls!! Ella and Quinny!


Quinny and El

Emmy getting ready to toss spirit sticks!

We've got Spirit, Yes We Do, We've Got Spirit, How 'Bout You?!

Emma Claire in action!

Push 'Em Back!!

Sassy Ella Cate

Love this sass!!!!