Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our Springy Spring Break

We have had alot of fun this spring break, and thankfully it isn't over yet! We haven't done anything spectacular, we really just kept things simple and enjoyed our days together.
Sunday we shopped at Northpark. The kids posed for my camera on my phone while Sam was in a store. Car picked out his own ensemble on this particular day if you can't already tell!!!

in front of the ducks and turtles at Northpark

Emmy, Car, and Ellie
We also spent a day at Going Bonkers with Brenda and Colt the weekend before spring break
On Monday we headed to the Fort Worth Zoo with Shawna, Corbin, Gage, Chels, Carter, Bren, Colt, and Clint. We had fun seeing all of the animals. It was crowded, but a beautiful day!

My pictures got a bit out of order, but they speak for themselves!

Tuesday we hung around the house and didn't do much of anything.
Wednesday, I have no pictures to prove it, but we hung out with Grancie, Robin, and Uncle Caleb. We played at the park, ate at CiCi's, and picked toys out at Wal-Mart. The kids perfect day!!
Today we had a picnic at the park with Julie, Reese, and Quinn. Tomorrow the little ones go to Fossil Rim with our friends Aimee, Chad, and Ashlynn. I am using the free time to shop with Julie and organize closets...hooray!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sophie So Far...

Sophie has fit right into our big family. She is such an easy going dog, and she has adjusted so well! She loves to be held, played with and talked to, as I guess all puppies do. Her tolerance level for the kids is unbelievable, and for that I am so thankful. Here is what everyone thinks of Sophie so far...
Cade-babies her, worries about her when she is left, holds her all of the time
Carson-tells random strangers that he just got a cheee-wa-wa (his pronunciation)
Ella Cate-carries her everywhere (as I watch and hold my breath), bosses her around : ), she even let Sophie borrow her "pinkie" (shown above)
Emma Claire-says that she likes her old dog (Slick) better because he just sleeps (sounds like her mama!)
Sam- already spoiling, she slept on his chest last night
Me-Sam can't believe that my patience has remained in tact (so far) as we dive into the potty training stage. I love that she will let me carry her all around...I have never been around such a teeny dog, and I'm loving it!

Can you tell that El is forcing a cuddle with her sweet pup?!

Sophie's First Trip to the Park

Sunday was beautiful, so we decided to take Sophie to Veteran's Park. The kids all took turns holding the dogs' leashes, then they fed the ducks and played on the playground.

Emma holding Slick and Ella holding Sophie

Ella being bossy to Slick! : )

Emma Claire enjoying her day at the park

Cade and his baby : )

feeding the ducks

Ella Cate was a pro at keeping Slick under control!

We have plenty of hands to hold leashes!

Emmy and Ellie love the swing!!

Car and Ella Cate

Mr. Car

Ella Cate

Emma Claire

The boys and Sophie

Ellie, sad that we were leaving the park! What a fun day!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Introducing Sophie Stewart!!

Tonight, we got a dog! We were definitely not planning on getting one! It was a true spur of the moment kind of thing!
Sam got home from working ALL Saturday (yucky tax season)! He was starving, so we decided to eat an early dinner. We headed to Black Eyed Pea in North Arlington so that we could go to our favorite pet store, Petland, after we ate. I was texting Chels, and I told her that we had just eaten and were heading to the pet store. She jokingly asked me if I was going to buy a dog, and I said NO WAY!
When we got inside Petland the kids made a beeline for the puppies, just like they always do! Emmy found a cute fluffy white dog that she wanted to name "Barbie", Sam liked the looks of the Brittany Spaniel, and Ella Cate was set on seeing a sweet Chihuahua. Sam asked the lady if we could see the Brittany Spaniel, we always get at least one dog out to play with in the little viewing room. We never plan on buying, the kids just love to play with the dogs! It is good free fun! (usually)
The Brittany Spaniel was SUPER wild. I had to take the girls out of the viewing area because they didn't like the dog jumping on them. Ella Cate walked back over to the Chihuahua and continued to ask to see her. The paper on her window said that she was only $199, and for the pet store that is super cheap.
Most of the dogs that we have looked at there are upwards of $900. We have inquired about these outrageous prices, and have been told by employees that it is because all of the extras that their dogs come with...microchipped, all shots, first vet visit free, first bag of dog food free, 15% all vet visits for dog's life at certain vets, 1 year warranty on dog, and extensive information on the dogs' breeder. So at least the higher prices started to make some sense to us! Over the course of several years we have come to know that Petland in Lincoln Square isn't like one of those pet stores with a bad rap. Their employees are knowledgeable, they care about the animals, and the animals always appear happy and well cared let that preface our TOTAL impulse buy. : )
We asked to see the Chihuahua at Ellie's request. She was super cute, super sweet, and alot calmer than the Brittany Spaniel! The lady told us that she had been $1,000, (no one in their right mind would have payed that) but now because she is older (4 months) her price had been reduced to try to get her a home. We found out that she was born on 11-11, and for me that pretty much sealed the deal. 11:11 has always been a "lucky" time for Sam and I. We make a wish every time we see 11:11 on a clock.
The kids adored her, especially Cade. He even offered to give us all of the $ that he has saved to help pay for her. : ) After only a few minutes we decided that we wanted her to be a part of our family.

Cade was soo excited to get to pick out a dog. Slick has been around since before Cade was born, so this whole experience was a first and pretty special for Cade!

Meeting our sweet puppy in the viewing room for the first time!

Sam and Miss Ellie....sooo happy!

The gang posing with our new puppy after they gave her a bath.

sooo proud of their new pup

The lady educated Sam on all he needed to know before we took our puppy home.

The girls got a bit bored and tried to find leftover candy in the candy machines...they found a few pieces...yuck!

in front of petland

We left Petland with a sweet nameless puppy. All of the staff came to say goodbye to the pup, and it made me happy to think that she had been loved while at the pet store.

We then headed to PetSmart for all of the extras.

Cade and I picked a crate and bowls

Cade picked a pink collar with rhinestones for his puppy.

Ella Cate made a BIG mess on the collar aisle, but I cleaned it up!

checking out at Petsmart
We headed home to think of a name, feed our puppy, and try to get her to potty outside.

Unsuccessful attempt to get the puppy to potty

Playing with Ella Cate

The lady at the pet store told us that our pup may not have much of an appetite due to her change of surroundings. However, our puppy didn't skip a beat, she was quite a piglet!

After throwing around LOTS of names...Barbie : ), Suzy, Lucy, Gracie, Dolly : ), Cookie, Cupcake, Selena, Lucky, and Cade's fave Carly (we would end up calling her Car, and that is what we call Carson)....we decided on Sophie...sooo I proudly introduce Sophie Stewart who LOVES to chew on Tinker Toys and....

Magna Doodles! : ) We can't wait for everyone to meet her!
Old man Slick loves Sophie, and our kitty is being a TOTAL snob to her!!