Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Fantastic Day at The State Fair!

We spent our day at the State Fair of TX today. Today was opening Sunday, and the crowds weren't bad at all! It was a little hot, but all in all we had the perfect day!

Cade took this one of me and the little ones

Sam putting safety wristbands on the kiddos

traditional Big Tex photo

and upset that Carson hid behind me...didn't even realize he was doing this! ugh!!

ready to have a fun day

car show!

Cade with the Transformer Camaro

Carson loves that the Transformer symbol was on the wheels!

racing remote control cars at the car show

watching dancers...the girls really got into this!

the dancers

posing with my guys!

playing in the yucky fountain

Sam and I...the State Fair was our first date...the day after we met October 18, we are 12 years later, and we have gone each year since then...I think that's kind of cool! ;)

Cade was being a photographer for Mom and Dad, as the little ones played around us

watching the "Sham Wow" demonstration (the absorbent towels from the infomercials)

We were sold!!

the girls proud of our new "Sham Wows"

Sam in the new 360 "Z"

Cade and I sharing a caramel apple...not sure why I'm making the weird face!

getting sleepy midway though our adventure!

Food and Fiber all time fave!

Cade and the TX Tech watermelon

Elsie was celebrating her b-day!

Carson petting the baby

Sam and his fair treat...a pickle...always healthy!! ;)

the dog show

watching the dog show

dog show

Car testing out a saddle

a GIANT pig!! He weighed 1,100 lbs.!

petting zoo...Emma and Carson

feeding the camel

heading to the midway....our last stop!

the kids chose to do the fun was 50 tickets, or $25 for everyone to go...this proved to be the only "ride" they did!! So pricey!!

fun in the fun house!

the girls were a little nervous! They held tight to Daddy!!

the boys came out of the fun house covered in bubbles!

fun times!

Daddy and the girls

this looked kind of good to me, but I passed!

This was the "scary house" ride that I used to LOVE as a kid...exactly the same as it was 25 years ago! Nobody would go on it with me! :(

Our last stop was a game on the Midway that we didn't win! By this point the little ones were BEAT and all wanted to win a prize! However, no more $ was to be spent, so we quickly made an exit and ended our fun day at the fair! We'll be back next year!!

Helping Mama Clean

The little ones love helping me "clean"! On "cleaning day" (usually Saturday) all 3 of them beg me to help. And while their "helping" usually makes the mess worse, they almost always are involved in the cleaning process.
Here they are cleaning their bathroom mirror with sponges, water, and a little lotion (sneaked in by Emma Claire).
Don't worry they were supervised for the whole event, and boy did they have fun! ;)

Carson's First Football Game

Saturday Carson had his very first flag football game. He is playing for the pre K/Kindergarten Highlanders team (which is the team that Sam grew up playing traditions run deep here in Arlington...ha!). The team has been practicing since the end of August, so this game was long awaited! They don't keep score at this level, but according to Sam Carson's team won!
I had to miss out :( because Cade woke up running fever for the 2nd day in a row, but Sam took some pictures of our man on the field.

the banner that the boys ran through...

breaking the banner
football buddies

Having snacks after the game. Sam got a few of the boys on the field, but he forgot that my camera lens totally STINKS for shooting sports! The boys look like little ants in those distant shots! I think Sam is now convinced we need another lens for sporting events...YAY!

After the game Carson and I worked an afternoon shift at Ace Hardware selling stock shares. Stock shares are raffle tickets that you sell to help support the Arlington Optimist (the sports league in Arlington that Carson is playing for). The pre K/K team with the most stock shares sold gets to play a game at UTA stadium!!
It was H-O-T, but Car and I worked hard and we sold 40 tickets for his team!!

smiling with the fall mums...and maybe having to go potty!

standing on the fertilizer to snap a patriotic shot

the hot and tired football player ;)