Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Things About Me

I was probably the last person on Facebook to write 25 random things about myself, but I finally got around to it today. I usually don't take the time to do things like this, but I actually enjoyed it! It forced me to reflect! Since I took the time to write it all I figured it may as well be a post on my blog as well...: )

1.I got hit by a truck when I was 6. Thankfully I only had a concussion and a broken leg.
2. I could eat a whole jar of grape jam, but I won't allow myself to.
3.When I was little my white hair turned green every summer from swimming so much.
4. I have always wanted a tattoo, and I finally got one on my 30th birthday last July. I have 4 hearts (for my 4 kiddos) on my left foot.
5. I have seen firsthand the miracle of a baby being born...thanks Chels!
6. I NEVER watch TV...can't find the time.
7. My first and second child are 6 years apart in age. My second child is only 16 months older than his twin sisters!
8. Some days I wish that I could be a stay-at-home mom, and other days I am glad that I work.
9.3 out of 4 of my children have blue eyes, and my husbands are dark brown! Recessive blue dominated!
10. I am named after my dad, but I have never been happy with my name. I never felt like it "fit" me.
11. If I could go back and redo school, I would try harder.
12. I am a true return freak! I will return anything and everything, just ask anyone who knows me well. I have been told that I give returners a bad name, and stores change their return policies because of people like me.
13. I NEVER pictured myself having twins, but I thank God that I did.
14.My favorite store is The Gap, and I think that it always will be. Their clothes are timeless, and I love that!
15. I am not a jewelry person. I think it costs too much, and I never have time to put it on in the morning.
16. I drive a minivan, and I swore I never would!
17. I have always been thankful that my husband is very smart with $. He has saved us lots of stress over the years, and some of his ideas are even starting to rub off on me.
18. I LOVE to run, and I have always regretted not trying track in high school.
19. I used to be a "pet person" before I had kids, now pets are added work...maybe someday that will change.
20. I met my husband of almost 11 years at a club on lower Greenville when I was 18, and I used to be embarrassed to tell people how we met. However as I mature I know our meeting was fate even if we didn't meet at a more "appropriate" place.
21. I am the only person at my gym (and probably anywhere else) that still listens to a Sony Walkman. I tried the whole I Pod thing, I just like listening to the radio better.
22. I miss my great grandpa's wisdom, genuine smile, and unconditional love.
23. I pray that my kids don't give me half as much trouble as I gave my mom growing up.
24. I am a little obsessive about getting my cardio and watching my fat intake...I have grown to be able to admit that.
25. We almost named our twins Cate and Claire...that would have been Cade, Carson, Cate, and Claire...whew what a mouthful!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Girls' Birthday Weekend

Thank goodness for President's Day! I have finally finished blogging about the girls' 3rd birthday weekend! Scroll down for 3 NEW posts about all of the fun!!

Rollin' in a Pink Barbie Mustang

The day after the girls birthday was spent testing out the girls new car! We had a wonderful time watching them zoom around our cul-de-sac! Ella Cate was taking her sissy for a spin!

Car had fun in the Mustang as well! As I watched them drive around together I couldn't help but think that someday they will all be on the streets together...pretty scary thing for a mom to imagine!

The gang heading back to our house

Car and Ella Cate

I loved taking shots from behind!

After lunch we met John, Madonna, and the boys up at the track for some outdoor fun...of course we brought the Mustang!

this would have been a perfect picture if Ellie wasn't making her funny face! Oh well I still think it's cute!

Daddy running with a girl

walking the track

Noah and Carson wrestling Uncle John

Carson thought he was a cool dude! There were a bunch of high school kids playing football and they all stopped to ask him about the car! He was giving them all thumbs-up!

The Girls Birthday Morning

We spent the girls' 3rd birthday morning/Valentine's Day doing pretty much what we always do on a Saturday morning. Sam had to leave for work at 7:00 am because it is tax! The kids and I spent a lazy morning around the house and went to the gym. After we finished at the gym we met Sam at Chik fil A, and headed home to give the girls their gifts! Ella Cate...3 years old

Emmy...3 years old (not in the picture taking mood...never is...she had been crying because I was taking too many pictures...this is the only decent one I got of her that morning...:( )

Ella Cate eating her heart doughnut from Krispy Kreme

Carson enjoyed his doughnut too! After eating I let the kids open their Valentines gifts. Cade got a new basketball, Car got a Tonka truck, and the girls got a Hello Kitty shirt and fingernail polish.

fun ice cream cone fingernail polish

Hello Kitty shirts

Cade (sweet Bubba) painted the girls' fingernails for are Ellie's!

Cade working hard on Ella's nails

Ella Cate and her Bubba

After Sam got home the girls waited patiently on the couch for their gift from us...

a PINK Barbie Mustang GT!!!!

Ella helped Daddy put it together

so did Car and Emmy!

ready to roll!!

What a Fun Birthday!


The girls 3rd birthday party was held at The Little Gym on February 14th. The girls couldn't have been happier with their party! It was so much fun!! Here are the little ones waiting for the girls' party to start

Mommy and Ella Cate waiting for guests to arrive

Birthday kisses before the party

Mommy, Daddy, and our 3 year old girls

birthday girls ready for their party to start


The Guests

All of our favorite people joined us on a Valentine's evening to celebrate our sweet girls! How Sweet!!

Carter came all the way from Frisco to celebrate! He and Carson matched in their Valentine's shirts.

lots of friends from school came

school friends and Marissa


and more friends

Mommy's sweet friends Chels and Shawna...friends since 6th grade!

Uncle Caleb was there of course!

our old neighbor Paige and her boyfriend

Uncle John and Noah

Daddy and Princess El

sweet helper and friend Courtney

Ella with the 2 Marlys from school

Noah and Marissa

Corbin and Carson

Shawna and Gage


The Fun

Lots of fun was had at The Little Gym. It was perfectly planned and very well organized by the 2 party hostesses! Far worth the pretty penny that we spent to have the party there!

parachute fun

wrestling on the inflatable track

choo-choo line

Ella Cate listening for instructions

jumping fun

queens of the parachute

laying on the bouncy track while it inflated

Ella had fun on the bars with Grancie and Courtney

bubble fun

ringing the bells

The Cake

The girls chose a Hello Kitty 2 tiered cake from Cooper Street Bakery. It was super cute and really yummy! All was well until the leftovers slid on the floor board of my van on the way home from the party!

sweet 3 year old girls with the cake that they were sooo proud of

blowing out 3 candles

fun little cake!

The Presents

The girls had alot of fun opening their presents from friends and family. They got bunches of makeup, Barbies, and cute clothes! There was only a minor meltdown when someone wrapped both of their presents in one bag, and they had to share the responsibility of opening it together! Uncle Caleb took over camera duty at this point so that Sam and I could help them open the gifts!

about to start the unwrapping

sweet El so excited!

baseball bats from Uncle Caleb

fun gifts!