Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Field Days 2011

Sadly our 4th grade field day was cancelled 1/2 way through the festivities due to yucky weather! Here are some sweet girls and I after we had to go back inside.

Here are some fun boys before the bad weather rolled in!

Carson and I on Monday before his field day

Cade and I Monday before the field day parade!

Runners Club 5-6-11

Just wanted to document that last week at Runner's Club was the first time Carson didn't care how fast he ran the mile! He was too busy being side by side with his buddy Arianna!! Ha!!

Carson's Kindergarten Field Day

On Monday Carson participated in his first ever field day!! He did all kinds of fun events, and did great!! I'm so thankful he goes to school in the same building that I work in! I was able to see most of his field day without having to call in for a sub!

Daddy came for the festivities!
Mrs. Binford thought to get a pic of us, I'm so sad I didn't think to get a pic of Carson with her!!

Getting ready to starts field day with his group!

what a jump in the long jump!

jump roping

running races

football throw


more running

sack races

The 6th graders help with the Kindergartners field day, so Cade was in charge of the sack race! It was so neat....even though Cade wanted NOTHING to do with me taking pictures!! Oh the joys of 6th graders! :)

tug of war was the last event, and I already had to head back to class, so Sam captured this!!
What a fun day full of memories!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

13 Years!!

Tomorrow Sam and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.
Year 13 has always meant something to me because that's how many years my parents were married before they got a divorce. I remember always thinking "how in the world could they get divorced after being together for THIRTEEN years?!?" I figured surely they would have had time to work out all of their kinks in 13 years, but I guess that's not how it worked for them.
With Sam and I, the kinks have been worked out, and I feel like we are way stronger in 2011, than we ever were in 1998! We (mainly me) were babies way back then! I'm so thankful for him!!


Our school has an assembly each 6 weeks that recognizes honor roll, super citizens, perfect attendance, character trait recipients, and other special honors. It's called KKNA (Key Kids In Action). It's something that all of the kids look forward to!
Today Carson was recognized as a character trait recipient, and so was Sammy (his best bud). Sam came to watch today, and I brought my good camera to take pictures, but it was I used my phone instead. Story of my life these days!
Mrs. Williford makes a fun slide show of all of the character trait recipients, and here is Carson wearing a funny hat! Ha!!

Cade was also a character trait recipient this 6 weeks. He was a little less thrilled! :)

Carson and Sammy making funny faces on Mrs. Williford's slide show presentation!

I loved last Saturday!

Last Saturday we started the day out by meeting Chels, Carter, Abby Paige, and Brenda at Vista Ridge to let the kiddos play. We then headed over to Christina's for some yummy Mexican food and margaritas (me only:)).
Later in the day I met back up with Chels and Abby at Saint Anns in downtown Dallas for Jessica's 30th b-day party! We had so much fun!! Abby was a lil socialite in her black and hot pink A-dorable dress!
i love this pic of cade and abby!!

At Saint Anns for Jessica's 30th!

sooooo sweet!!

4th Grade TX Party 2011

I am finishing my 7th year teaching at Key Elementary, and each year I've been lucky enough to be a part of the 4th grade TX Party. This is an awesome day organized by our 4th grade parents to culminate our study of TX History in 4th grade. We do TX crafts, line dance, play horse shoes, learn to rope, have potato sack races, eat BBQ (some years) hot dogs (other years), drink Dr Pepper, pose with a longhorn (some years) or a pony (this year), and have a day full of TX size fun! I look forward to it every year, but the older I get the more it tires me! Ha!! :) Wouldn't trade it though! Here I am with my sweet 4th graders!

This year one of our super creative parents made "Wanted" signs for the teachers

Soooooo funny!!
My kiddos making a bluebonnet frame

they make me smile!

Hearing about the pony from cowboy Ticknor

soooooo much fun!

There is even a TX tall tale play ever year! The kids really get into it!

The 4th grade team that I teach with