Sunday, September 19, 2010


Just when I was certain that strep wasn't going to spread through our house (Emmy was diagnosed last Monday), Carson started running a fever! We spent a fun day lunching, strolling, and playing at The Galleria with Chels and Carter. As soon as we got home Carson went and layed down in his bed. That NEVER happens, so I knew something was wrong! Sure enough he was hot, so I checked....100.7! I feel terrible we exposed a small army of kids at the Galleria playground, and most importantly our buddy Carter! Sorry Chels, I hope your child has a better immune system than mine! Ugh!!
Poor guy...he doesn't sit on my lap often! I'm glad that my photog Ellie caught this one!

The First of Many....

Yesterday was the first of many of Carson's classmates birthday parties that we are scheduled to attend in the next 3 weeks. Carson's buddy Jason had a party at a new bounce house place that opened at our mall. The area used to be a department store so there is tons of space for the kids to run and play. Besides bounce houses they had; scooters, basketball hoops, soccer nets, and balls galore. Carson had a blast, and his friends' mom was sweet to invite Carson's sisters too, so they got in on the fun!
Carson and Jason



Em and El loved playing basketball here!



Noah's 10th Birthday

Noah had a b-day over Labor Day Weekend, and we celebrated with a cookout at their house. Noah was born on my first day of student teaching in 2000. I can hardly believe that he is already 10!

blowing 10 candles out!

opening cool presents with Carson watching every move!

all of my kids love watching the presents be opened at parties!

Emmy having fun with a huge collection of stickers that Aunt Madonna gave her

Ellie Bell wouldn't just smile!


Cade and his Daddy

The girls with their Grandad! Ellie and silly Uncle John are making the same face!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I LOVE my Emma Claire!!

I can ALWAYS count on a kiss from my sweet girl!

Spaghetti Warehouse

Today we ate at dinner one of our old favorites...Spaghetti Warehouse. We used to eat their ALL of the time, like multiple times a week. However, like so many other places Sam and I ended up burning ourselves out on it. Carson still calls it his favorite place to eat, and the girls are pretty fond of it. I had a coupon for "Spaghetti" (as Sam and I always called it) that expires tomorrow, so we headed there this evening! I was showing Sam some pics that were on my camera, and that's when the requests to take pictures began. The little ones love being photographers!

Emmy's pic of Daddy and Car

Car's pic of Emmy eating her wedding soup

Ella's pic of her big bros

Ella smiling pretty before she started with her silly poses that followed!

El is wearing her Barbie dress, a gift from Grancie and Robin this weekend.

I do not even know!! Cade took this one, and he probably told her to pose this way! Ugh!!

The Girls' 1st Day of Pre-K

Last Wednesday (9/1) the girls had their first day of pre-K. I can hardly believe that this is their last year before they will be in school with me!! Sam and I are counting down our payments to the private school, we have 9 months to go! It will be soooo crazy and wonderful not to have childcare payments!! We have been paying basically an extra house payment in childcare since the girls were born. I am so thankful for the excellent school experience that they have had, but boy it has been expensive!

This year the girls picked out their own outfits for their 1st day of school. They were very proud of their choices! Ella wore monkeys and Emma wore the preppy vest and tie. ;)
I took the day off of school to take and pick up the girls, and I tried to soak up every moment!

Fun sparkly backpacks!



The guinea hens were in our yard when we were taking pictures. They are such interesting birds! The 4 of them are always together. 2 males and 2 females, and they stay in our neighborhood at all times.

Getting in the van, soooo ready to go!



Miss Em walking to class

El walking to class, she was so done with posing!

Full cubbies!

Emma, with her teacher's gift

The girls and their teacher Mrs. Parks. Carson had her last year, and she is wonderful!

While the girls were at school I took lunch to Carson and Cade.

After pick up we stopped by the bank, and the girls got their favorite blue bank suckers!

Then we headed to Yoberry for some yum yogurt!


Last stop of the day was the library to check out some books!
I sure wish I could take them to school every day!