Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A REALLY Mixed Up Update!!!

 More than a month ago I was really proud of myself for keeping up with my blog, but not so much anymore!!! After a couple of months that have been crazy, and some problems with our WIFI....I am so behind!! Here are some random pics that were from my phone that I had uploaded but not blogged about! UGH!!! I have at least 600 more that I haven't even uploaded! I WILL catch up this summer!! 5 school days and counting!! Hallelujah!

 Girlies before their school egg hunt!

Our 3 African Dwarf Frogs when they were thriving!! Now only 1 is alive! The other 2 have had a toilet funeral! Fun times!

 Park fun...early spring 2012

 El and Quinny ant Grayson's pj b-day party in April

 Em and Kate

 getting ready for Grayson's party!

 Our guinea hens that live in our neighborhood had chicks this spring! 18 to be exact! I counted them on a Thursday afternoon, and by Sunday all chicks had been eaten by black birds, cats, etc. SO SAD!!! I could never live on a farm!!

 Girls wearing their Easter gifts from Grancie with wild eyed Sophie!

 Soccer girls and big bro!

 Chels, Bren, and I saw Jerry Jeff in Austin in late March!!! ALWAYS fun times!!

 We took Sam to Legoland and Rainforest Cafe with us in March!

Ella has relaxed more than once these last couple of months in this beanbag while waiting on Cade at the orthodontist!!! He's almost done with braces!!