Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Preschool Halloween Party

Today I took the day off to go to the girls' Halloween party at school. It was lots of fun! After the party I got to go outside on the playground with them. I had a great time watching them play with their friends.

Ella Bella

Emma showing me a cool trick that she could do

falling Fall leaves

Ella playing with her friend Jill

My girls can swing themselves HIGH!!

Emmy doing a ballerina dance with her friend

They wouldn't look at me at the costume parade!
The girls had their first Halloween party on Monday. I wasn't able to come, but we took a few pics before we left. Emmy was Ariel, and Ellie was Rapunzel.

50's Twins!

The girls got dressed up in their Halloween costume today for their school party. This costume was totally my pick, and I don't think that the girls were thrilled with it! They assured me that they will not put the glasses and scarf on for Halloween night, even though I think those accessories totally make the costume! I promised that next year they get to be with me when we pick out their costume! Darn! :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lots of new posts....

I was waaaay behind, but now I'm caught up! Hooray!


My friend Stevi invited the kids to be a part of a program called G.L.O.W. (go and love others in the world) that is done through her church. They meet monthly, and they participate in service projects in the community. Today they had their first service project at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. The kids brought supplies to make goody bags for children in the hospital. They also put together crayon bags to be given to occupy children waiting in the E.R. The kids did a great job!

crayon assembly line

Reese was the zippy bag zipper! :)

Cooks is a beautiful hospital!

Stevi closing the activity with the kiddos

Reese rounding up the little ones for us.

Afterwards we ate at a YUMMY place called McKinleys in University Village.

Carson's Birthday at School

Carson celebrated his b-day at school on 10-12-10 (the day after we came back from the fall holiday). His name was called on the school wide announcements, he got to get a book and pencil out of the office treasure box, and he got to wear a special crown and ribbon all day. For afternoon snack we brought sprinkle cookies from Great American Cookie Co. (Carson's favorites) and juice boxes. His classmates sang to him, and then they enjoyed their sweet treat.
A coworker covered my class so that I got to be in on the fun.
I love the pic above of Carson and Mrs. Binford! He LOVES her!!
Mommy and Car!

Carson enjoying birthday snack with his buddies!

Carson's "Real" Birthday 10-11-10

Carson turned 6 years old on Monday 10-11-10 which just happened to be Columbus Day! So, this lucky boy had the day off school! That evening we ate at Carson's favorite restaurant, Spaghetti Warehouse. Before we headed to eat Carson opened his gifts from Mommy, Daddy, Cade, and the girls. His big gift was a DSI XL which he LOVES!

His bro and sisters got him a Ben 1o toy and race car p.j. pants.

At Spaghetti Warehouse the wait staff sang to Carson!

Wondering what the heck was going on!

He wound up loving the attention!
Great 6th b-day for our boy!

Opening their presents

The boys ran out of time at their party, so we brought their gifts home to open. They enjoyed and savored every second! They got wonderful gifts from their friend and family! Cade was thrilled with the money and various gift cards that he got, and Carson loved the toys galore that he received!

Car with his loot!

Batman undies from Bren and Colt!

The sisters got in on the fun too!!