Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break Days 3, 4, and 5!!!

We had a great day 3,4, and 5 of our Springbreak!!!! I didn't keep up with posting, and these pics are all out of order, but we had sooooo much fun! On day 3 we met Bren, Colt, Chels, Carter, and Abby at our favorite park in Coppell! We had a picnic, and it was so much fun! On day 4 Grancie treated us to Lego land and Chik Fil A!!! Fun times!! On day 5 we got to visit Charity, who is in from Hawaii!!! We met up at her parents house in The Colony with the kids!! Just like old times!!!!
Legoland with Grancie!
3-D chalk at the park
park fun with Abs
Me with Charity's daughter Maddie
This is Charity's oldest daughter Trinity and I
Char and me!
I had wayyyyy too much doesn't agree with me!!!
My pretty Shawn!
Carter and Ella Bella
With Charity's Grandma Fella...sweetest lady EVER!
Abby and her sweet mama
We had soooo much fun catching up at Charity's parent's house!
My sweet girlfriends
Lego minitown at Legoland
Legoland with Dirk in Legos!! Thanks Grancie!
At The beautiful park in Coppell with Abby Paige!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break Day2

I loved our second day of spring break!! Everyone got to do something very special, but different too!! Carson was picked up bright and early by his Uncle John to spend the day/night with his cousin, Noah. Cade and I headed to downtown Dallas to tour The Dallas Holocaust Museum. We had a great time and learned alot about a very sad time in history.

We were lucky enough to get to sit in on a nearly 2 hour lecture from a Holocaust survivor. His story was one I will never forget.

What an amazing man this gentleman is.

 We did some walking in Founders Plaza before we headed to lunch

These got out of order, but the girlies got to paint pottery at Creative Hands after Cade and I got back from the museum!
Ellie painted Hello Kitty

 pre painting!

 Back to my outing with Cade...He chose lunch at Sonny Bryan's BBQ in The Westend

 more painting!! Em painted Ariel

 almost finished products!!

While we waited on the girls' paintings to be glazed we did a little browsing/window shopping! What a fun day!!!

I wish every week was spring break!! :):)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break Day #1 2012

Blogger made me post in a different format, so all my pictures are in reverse order!!! We had a Dallas Zoo trip today...on spring break day #1, and afterwards we headed to Knox/Henderson to eat at Chuy's and shop!! The picture above is of a DOG in the Apple Store on Knox???? I could NEVER get away with that!!!

They chose a trio of dwarf African frogs at our favorite toy store on Knox.

 The gang with the dwarf frogs

 The girlies and a beyond gorgeous wedding dress! Not in their future ANYtime soon!!!

 We love posing with this guy:)! They rolled their eyes cause they've already posed with him soooo many times!

 Fun at our favorite Chuy's!!!!

Mommy in the petting Zoo at The Dallas Zoo


 They LOVE to climb!!!

 sweet Kangaroos

 The Dallas Zoo now offers camel rides!!!...who knew????

 FUNNY faces!!

 LOVE the giraffys!!

 Monorail fun!

Yay for a gorgeous day at The Dallas Zoo! I'm so glad I bought a membership!!