Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun in February!!!

Ella was honored at KKNA today because she was the super citizen for her class for the 4th 6 weeks...she's posing with Mrs. Chumchal, our principal!

sweet Ellie being recognized!

I tried to get a pic of Em before the assembly....ha!!!

El and Grayson! :)

On Presidents Day 5 of us got in to see The Muppets for $3.00!!! I LOVE deals!!

The city dug up our yard to fix our neighbors gas line!!! UGH!

CRAZY Em and friends!

Our indoor soccer star!


water bottle fight while waiting for his turn....soooo typical!

The city tried to restrain our tree while digging!!! Poor scarred tree!! :(( He's so old! I'm really hoping he's ok!

The HUGE cupcakes my neighbor teacher got for her class on Valentines! My class was soooo jealous, as they got mini cupcakes! She got them at Costco for an awesome deal!!

My 6th b-day girls in my classroom 2-14-12

What my girls bought with their Justice giftcards from the Willifords

checkers at Cracker Barrell

ride home from school 2-14-12

Nathan's SIXTEENTH b-day dinner at On The Border!!!

Uncle Caleb and the b-day girls! :):)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Girls 6th Birthday...a.k.a. Valentine's 2012

Valentines/6th B-day morning the girls were dressed and to the table in a flash! We opened Valentines goodies before school, and we saved the birthday gifts for when daddy got home from work Tuesday evening!

The girls came home from school wearing cute b-day crowns!!! Thanks Mrs. Binford!

Cute Valentine boxes filled with many goodies from their classmates

Em looking at Valentines goodies

Ella Cate

Valentine/B-day breakfast

Ella opening b-day goodies


They LOVED their Happy Napper and fake American Girl Dolls (that I got at Sears for $7.00)

Ellie modeling her new leg warmers

b-day cake round 2

Spending Emma's and Ella's Birthday Eve at Grapevine Mills

We spent the Monday before the girls' 6th birthday on a girls' trip at Grapevine Mills Mall! The girls and I took the day off school, and loved every second of it!! We visited The Sea Life Aquarium, ate at The RainForest Cafe, and did lots of shopping! We had a great time, and the mall was deserted!

I didn't know what to think about Sea Life before we visited. I was pretty sure it wouldn't measure up to The Dallas World Aquarium, but we LOVED it! We will for sure be going back!!

This exhibit was so cool!! The room was circular, and the fish seemed to be glowing! They were swimming in a school. There was one little fishy out of line, and Ellie was so worried about him! :)

Listening to the lady talk about the Stingrays...very interesting!

Ellie and a funny fish!

Mommy and El

walking on water was a little nerve wracking! ;)

mama and Em

the girls

Ellie was real scared of this guy until I told her he was like Nemo's teacher! :)

We loved the Seahorses! I told the girl that the daddys carried the babies in their pouches! El's response was that it wasn't a good idea to hang upside down when you're pregnant! Ha!!

teeny baby Seahorses

The girls got to feel a Seahorse called a ChocolateChip Seahorse!

:) Birthday Sisters!

The aquarium had a fun playground!

We left the gift shop without spending any $$!!

We looked into the windows of Legoland...looked fun!

The girls made a SeaLife penny!

shopped alot!!

Lunch at The RainForest Cafe!

cookie slice at The Great American Cookie Company

Rainforest Cafe

They built bears at Build a Bear with their b-day giftcards from Carter and Abby!
new bears and yummy cookies!

tired shoppers