Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Beach Pictures-Destin 2011

We went to Destin, FL in August, and Chels took pictures of our family on the beach. I haven't posted any of the pictures because I was waiting to send out Christmas cards and frame pictures for some of my family members! Now since all of that has been done I can post the pictures! I'm so proud of them! Emma wasn't cooperating because she wanted to collect seashells, but you'd never know with the shots Chels got!! These pictures make me want to go back to the beach! Thanks Chels!!!

Christmas Day 2011

The gang slept in late like they always do, and then woke up to gifts from Santa and Mommy and Daddy. Later in the day we headed to Grancie's house for a late lunch and more presents!

Here is Ellie with some of her goodies! She wouldn't pose for me because her hair wasn't brushed! Ha!

One of the girls gifts was lunch reservations and treats at The American Girl Doll store at The Galleria! This is a printout of their reservation! They loved this!

This year we had the kids draw names when buying their sibling gifts! Each person shopped for another. They had a $25 limit! It was soooo fun! Emmy chose a doughnut maker for Cade!

Carson's gifts!

At Grancie's Sam and Levi took a nap!

Grancie and Robin got the girls American Girl dolls, and they are SO proud of them!! Here is Emmy and hers!

Ella Cate headed back to Arlington


Grancie and Ella listened to books on the I-Pad while the other kids played in the backyard.

Christmas Eve 2011

Since we celebrated with Sam's side of the fam on December 23, it was just the 6 of us on Christmas Eve. We ate at Saltgrass, looked at Christmas lights, made Christmas brownies for Santa, and sprinkled reindeer food on the front yard! Fun times!
Emma sprinkling her reindeer food!

Ella sprinkling her reindeer food!

The girls got their reindeer food from school, and Carson didn't have one, so he sprinkled a pack of my peaches and cream oatmeal!!

dinner at Saltgrass...mommy's favorite!

Christmas lights in DWG

Carson wore his vest from Ms. Groves to the Christmas Eve festivities! It was his first sweater vest, and he was proud!!

Christmas Festivities with Our B.F.F.s

One of the many traditions that Chels and I have is to do something fun together the week before Christmas. This year we did The Gaylord and Holiday in The Park at 6 Flags! I love this day that we spend together!

Love this spirited bunch!

We ate lunch at The Gaylord! A little pricey when you consider a kids meal is $8.95 (my 3 shared), but totally worth it for the atmosphere!


Driving down Main Street in downtown Grapevine! Cutest Main Street around! I wanted to stop, but we had other plans... there's always next year!!

As soon as we were finished at The Gaylord we headed straight for 6 Flags! It opened at 4:00, and we were there just in time!

First stop...the Snowhill! It's a fun hill made of snow that 6 Flags always has at Holiday in The Park! They give you a sled, and you sled down the hill. I'm glad that we headed there first! We didn't wait long, but by the time we were finished the line was LONG! The view in line was great! On one side you could see The Tx Giant, and on the other side The Shockwave! The kids loved watching the roller coasters!

Gaylord pic...out of order!

Abby's first ride (I think) on The Looney Tune cave. She did great! That cave has always been a bit spooky to me!

We were front row in a Christmas show at The Southern Palace! Emmy even got to do a little dance with one of the performers during the show!

Ready to sled!