Friday, February 26, 2010

Carson's Pre-K Circus

Today all of the Pre-K classes at the little ones' school held a Pre-K Circus Performance. Carson played a strong man, and we all really enjoyed watching him! Here he is posing for me after the show in his classroom.

waiting his turn on stage to life the heavy bar

his cool strongman tattoo

his other tattoos

his circus flag in the sanctuary

Carson lifting the bar

showing off his strong muscles

Ashlyn after she performed her dog trainer act

Carson and the other strong men

finished performing and enjoying the rest of the circus

walking in

Carson's friend Ethan did a great job as the ringmaster

Ashlyn was a great dog trainer!

R.I.P. Slickers

Our sweet puppy Slick went to heaven almost 3 weeks ago. He would have turned 13 years old in April. He has been a part of my life since I met Sam in October 1997. Sam had him for 2 months before we met. He was a great pup who will be a part of countless memories, and he will forever hold a place in our hearts.
One of our very last pictures of Slick was taken Christmas Eve while he was sleeping next to Sam's dad, whom Slick has always adored.

Slick and Ella Cate-December 2009...he was always soooo tolerable of the kids!

with the girls and sister Sophie

Friday, February 19, 2010

First 1/2 of February 2010

So much has happened since my last post...WAY back on the last day of December!! I have no idea how a month and a half passed by, and I was somehow unable to add anything to this blog! So many fun things have happened around here! I'll start out with the brand new 4 year olds, since our February pretty much centers around them and their big birthday!

Before their big b-day, they came home from school with these life sized cards (that they are wearing in the picture above) for Sam and me. They sang a special song to go along with their special for us!!

The girls special day was spent having a party with friends and family at ASI Gymnastics! They LOVED every second of their Princess themed gymnastics party!

getting ready for guests to arrive....they actually turned 4 at the very beginning of their party...Ella at 2:04 p.m. and Emmy at 2:06 pm...I am never organized enough to get a picture of them the minute that they turn a year older....

Emma (left) Ella (right)

at the house before their party holding up their "fours"

at ASI for party time!!

Ella Cate

Daddy and his sweet princesses

Emma's cake

Ella's cake...this is the 1st year that they wanted individual cakes, so because of that we opted for Target cakes rather than the pricey specialty bakery cakes.

singing "Happy Birthday"

most of the party guests watching one of the coaches jump HIGH on the trampoline

many guests looking on at the action on the gym floor

the girls loved the great ASI coach who hosted their party!

they got to be the leaders of all of the games...they felt soooo special!



Bettie and Quinny


Carter, Carson, and Corbin

Sam, Uncle John, and Aunt Madonna

G-Dad and Nathan

Cade and Grancie
Colt and Carson

Emmy and Ashlyn


Colt and Cade

Reese and Julian

Nana and G-Dad

Meg, Julie, and me

Me and Uncle Caleb

me, Chels, and Shawna

Mom and me

Brenda and me....parties are the couple of times a year that I seem to be able to capture special pictures like I always ask everyone to pose with me ;)

Something else that was really special this month was the snowstorm that we had in the DFW area. Supposedly the last time DFW recieved this much snow was 32 years ago....I didn't get to see it then because I was'nt born mom was newly pregnant with me!! Crazy!! The kids LOVED every second of the snow, and Sam and I thought that it was pretty fun too!!

Thursday afternoon when the kids got home from school

The sad snowman that noone would help me with...I think Cade was embarrassed to pose with me in front of him!!

He's wearing the kids preschool shirt

building the snowman...Cooper and Sophie loved the snow too!


We went to a Mavs game with Brenda, Colt, Chels, and Carter at the beginning of February. It was the girls' 1st Mavs game, and they had a blast!!

We have a picture like this exactly 4 years ago 2/26 when I was 35 weeks pregnant with the girls...EXACT same pose, only the girls were in my tummy...soooo funny

the crew

eating at Hooter's pre-game