Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cade's 7 on 7 football

Caden played 7 on 7 flag football during the months of May and June. Sam coached his team, and they had a blast! These pictures were taken at his last game on June 22, 2009, and boy was it HOT!!!

Carson cooling off with a water bottle

Sam coaching the team

Cade and his mouth piece

Grancie and Cade

Father's Day 2009

We celebrated Father's Day low key style. We ate at a yummy Mexican food place in Arlington called Mariano's. Sam and I hadn't been to Mariano's since November 1997! It was where we ate with his parents the first time I met them. It was neat to go back and reminisce!

I tried to get a picture of all the little ones with the special daddy, but wouldn't you know it at least one was not in the picture taking mood! Carson was having a bit of a meltdown due to pure exhaustion!

Emmy, Daddy, Ellie, Cade, and Carson

sweet girls loving on each other after dinner

When we got home we tried out the new Shark Bite slip n slide from Nana

Ella, Emma, Carson

Daddy helping a girl slide

Cade opted against the slip n slide...guess he's getting a little old for things like that! ; (


The girls have been going to 'nastics (the girls translation of gymnastics) once a week at Stars Gym this summer. They are learning to do bridges (back bends), front and back rolls, cartwheels, and many other fun movements that Mommy doesn't know the names of! They LOVE going every Tuesday morning! These are some pictures that I took back at the beginning of June before they went to their first gymnastics class. Of course they didn't turn out good because no one EVER wants to pose for the camera in the Stewart house! Ugh!

Emmy with a leftover bruise

Ellie and Emmy looking at anything but the camera!

Emma Claire

Ella Cate

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trying to Catch Up...

It is obvious that I am WAY behind in blogging! I am ashamed to say that I let an entire month and a half pass by, and I didn't even post once! Hopefully I will be a better blogger during our time off this summer! I just haven't been able to find the time to sit at the computer and blog. However, we have had many blog worthy things that have happened! So, here is a very short recap of some of the highlights....
Carson's 1st season of t-ball
Carson participated in his first season of t-ball this spring. He played for The Oriole's, and mostly did digging, twirling, and picking grass in the outfield, but he looked darn cute in his uniform! ; )

Carson's field day at preschool
Carson had a great time at field day this spring. I took the day off to watch him, and it was so much fun watching him do the events with his buddies!

Preschool Spring Sing
The little ones had their spring musical at CLC in late April. It was bittersweet for me because this was their last time to do a musical at CLC because they will be going to another school next year. They all did a great job!

A Day at The Dallas Arboretum
We spent our 2nd annual Cinco de Mayo holiday at the Arboretum with Chels, Carter, Brenda, and Colt. We had a great time looking at all of the beautiful flowers and hanging out!

Alan Jackson in concert
Sam and I got away for a Friday night in May to see Alan Jackson (the only country singer Sam will tolerate). We had a lot of fun!
Last day of preschool
I took some pictures of the little ones on their last day of preschool at All Saints CLC. Carson finished out his year in the 3's class (next year he will be in Pre-K!!!) and the girls finished out their year in the 2's class. We will really miss All Saints CLC next year! Carson has been there since he was 16 months old, and the girls have been there since they were 20 months old. It has been a wonderful place for the little ones! We are so thankful for everyone there who enriched their lives!!

Next to catch up on....Cade's 4th grade end of the year happenings....coming soon!!! :)