Monday, October 17, 2011

Ella's 2nd Visit from The Tooth Fairy

Ellie lost her second tooth...other bottom center. Mrs. Binford pulled it out, and El was oh so proud! El and Mrs. Binford came up to my window when they were at recess to show me, and it made my day!! She wrote a note to the tooth fairy to leave with her tooth, and the sweet tooth fairy gave her some sweet loot in return! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cause These Pictures Make Me Smile...

After cheer pictures last week we made a quick stop at WalMart for milk. When we were walking in the girls spotted the "pumpkin patch"...ha!! They wanted to stop and pose for a picture!! I of course obliged! I'm used to having to beg and bribe them to pose!

Sharing a drink at McAllisters today, and again they asked me to take this! So sweet!

Another one at The Walmart pumpkin patch! Cute, but we are still definitely planning on making it to an actual pumpkin patch to get pictures! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Carson is 7!!

Carson is 7!!! He enjoyed a perfect birthday! Right after he woke up he opened his first presents from Mommy and Daddy. He was so excited to see his new Nike shirt, shorts, socks, and Nike shoes! This boy loves him some Nike!! He was so sweet and appreciative!! He kept saying..."I'll always remember these presents"...! So he headed off to school all decked out in his new outfit!
His name was called on the announcements, and he got to go to the office to get his birthday ribbon and treat. His Daddy brought him a yummy Subway lunch and ate with him in the atrium. Mrs. Wilson, his teacher, wrote him a special note, gave him a crown, and a little goodie bag.
After school we headed to Caden's football game. It was beautiful outside, and he played his DSI and watched a little football. Nana and Grandad came, and had an extra present for the birthday boy (he had already gotten presents from them the day before :) ). He was so excited and sweet!!
Birthday boy and his sisters!

What a treat!! A present from Nana and G-Dad in the stands at the game!

Watching Cade #62. Cade celebrated his b-day only days before on the 7th. I can't believe he's 13, and he wanted nothing to do with me taking a bunch of pictures. However we celebrated at Joe T. Garcia's, and he had a great birthday!!

When the game was almost over the girls, Carson, and I headed to McDonald's for happy meals! For his big b-day dinner we ate at The Rainforest Cafe in Grapevine the day before his b-day, so we kept his actual b-day dinner simple! They ate, and had lots of fun on the playground!

He chose an icecream cake!! He's been asking for one ever since Colt had one at his party! For Carson's b-day party he's requested a cookie cake, so he's getting a pretty good deal!!

blowing out SEVEN candles!!

Opening more presents from mommy, daddy, and his bro and sisters.

Out of order, but here is Cade in the huddle #62, on Carson's 7th b-day.

His favorite present from us...his Beyblade set!!

Sweet boy sharing his present with Em.

His new Ranger's shirt!! He's loving baseball with everything that's going on with The Rangers!!Carson is looking forward to his party with all his buddies coming up Saturday. Can't wait to post about all of the fun!

Monday, October 10, 2011

state fair of tx 2011

Today we went to The State Fair! It was fair day for multiple school districts, so that made it pretty crowded, but it was manageable! We normally take a day off of school and go during the week, but with Caden being in junior high it's hard for him to miss football, and he and I both have heard that the makeup work is horrendous! So, was our fair day. We skipped out on the Midway due to the crowds, and we did a few different things that we don't normally do. The one thing that I'm sad we missed out on was our annual Big Tex picture. We didn't come upon him til the end of the day, and we were all way too tired to have to fight the crowds to get a picture with him. Oh well....there's always next year!!

One of our first stops was The Food and Fiber Building. Here we saw Borden's Elsie the cow and her baby, we got free and ice cream, and we were each even given an Oak Tree sapling to plant!

We tested out a new golf ball, and got some nail art done on our fingernails!

We almost waited to see this cow be milked in a milking demo, but it was taking too long!

We enjoyed looking at all of the cool things that people entered into the creative arts contest! Carson LOVED all of the Lego stuff!

And the girls loved the more girly stuff!

We got to see the scene made from butter!

We got yummy snacks like chocolate covered strawberries...

and cotton candy

Carson and the girls posed for silly pictures...

Emmy chose chocolate covered strawberries too.

We went into The Hall of State and saw some really neat things, like the 1st margarita machine!!!

A replica of The Alamo, weapons from The Republic of TX days...

and we even saw Santa Anna's vest!!!

Cade had a funnel cake.

The kids played pianos!

We had a little bit of fun at the car show before we headed to a really late lunch at our favorite Chuy's on Knox-Henderson.

We walked down to Pottery Barn Kids after eating, and the girls spotted their favorite books!

What a great day!!! We love the state fair!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall 2011 is here!!!!!

These pics got waaaaayyyyy out of order, but here our some shots from the start to fall 2011!!! We are welcoming the cooler temperatures!
The girls had a blast cheering at the Arlington vs Lamar football game!! This was something that they got to do for being in the AHS cheer camp!

Ella took this of her sissy in the car!

More sideline pics AHS vs LHS!

Quinny with the girls under the Friday night lights! 9-23-11

Grancie and Robin came to a game to see the girls cheer, and we got to eat at Krispy Kreme between the girls and Carson's game! Here is Ella's soccer ball donut...she didn't eat it ???, but it sure was cute!

Chels and I at Lewisville Western days getting ready to see Pat Green!!

Pat Green putting on the best concert I've ever seen him do, and it was FREE!!!! Thanks Bren! :)

Random pic of Smurfette! A fave of the girls! Sam won only ONE out of the claw machine at Spaghetti Warehouse, and they often fight over her! I need to invest in a second one, but I dislike spending $$ on stuffed animals!

out of order...but here is El's pic of the soccer donut at Krispy Kreme! She didn't like it either!

On the first Saturday in October we headed to Fright Fest at 6 Flags! We haven't gotten near enough use out of our season passes this summer due to the extreme heat, so we figure we will make up during Fright Fest and Holiday in The Park!! Carson spent the night with Noah, so it was just Cade and the girls! We had fun, and the weather was great!

Walking in

The girls were a little wary of the people dressed up and the sun going down!

The first stop was a trick-or -treat path in Looney Toone Land where they got candy!

Out of order.. Halloween display in Wal-Mart! Very creative! I will always love Wal-Mart, no matter how much I complain about it!

Bcak to Fright Fest...waiting to ride The Conquistador!

I will never wear my nerdy running hat to a place where light can reflect off of it in pictures again!! I'm still thankful I got a moment with my girls!

On our way out we saw a Halloween dance show!! Love that 6 Flags does special things, and that we can go on a whim!

Daddy and Em

Cade could've smiled!!! Oh 13!!!

The funny dancers!

Of course we had to ride the tram back to our car!! To the girls it's another ride!!

Tonight we enjoyed amazing weather at Carson's flag football practice!! Em even climbed her 1st tree!

Carson's coaches brought water balloons to throw when they were finished with practice! What a special treat!

Here he is on the far left getting ready to chunk his!!!