Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pre-K Graduation Celebration

Last night we celebrated Carson's and Ashlyn's pre-K graduation at The Magic Time Machine. Aimee (Ashlyn's mom) and I decided to do something special for them since their school didn't do a graduation ceremony for the pre-k class. Sadly my camera died before Ashlyn and her family even arrived! I didn't get a picture of the adorable cake that Aimee ordered for them. Our waitress was Alice In Wonderland, but the kids really enjoyed Dr. Evil who was waiting on the table next to us. Pretty sad that they know who Dr. Evil is! We even got a special visit from Where's Waldo a.k.a. Corbin and Gage's Uncle Jared! Lots of fun, great foods, and great drinks had by all!

the graduate with his bro and sisters...Emmy was borrowing Ashlyn's cap. My friend Theresa made their caps they turned out so cute!

Proud Mommy and daddy with the grad!

Before the Cooley fam arrived we sat upstairs in the bar and listened in on the magic show that was going on!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Longest Blogging Break...EVER!

I can't believe that I am actually posting something! It has been sooooo long since I've blogged! The last few months have been crazy busy, and with me starting my 1st week of summer school last Monday, summer hasn't really changed anything! I have lots to catch up on, and I'll start with a few fun things that happened this past April and May.

Park Row Christian Spring Musical.
The little ones did an awesome job in their spring musical. It was on one of their last days of school in May. We will really miss their teachers from this past year. The girls will be back there next year in pre-K, but Carson is moving on up and will start kindergarten at Key with me! That's hard for me to believe! I was pregnant with him when I started teaching at Key.

before the musical

Emmy giving us a semi embarrassed wave!

Carson walking into the sanctuary

girls are on the bottom row and Carson is on top

Ella Cate posing for us

Wedding at Wildscape Ranch in Mansfield
In early May we went to my second cousins wedding at a cool little farm in Mansfield. The kids had a great time watching the beautiful bride, who the girls thought was a princess, eating yummy food, loading up on candy from the candy bar, and running around!

the bride and her dad

at Wildscape Ranch

Grancie and one of my MoJo's sisters

and of course I will wrap up with the Easter Egg hunt 2010