Saturday, February 26, 2011

a random assortment

I couldn't think of a better title for this little post! Here are some pictures that were taken in the last week of February 2011.
One of the girls took this sweet pic of our Sophie a.k.a. So-Bean So-girl, So-So, and soooo many other funny names. I just love her sweet sparkly eyes, button nose, and funny whiskers, and how the pink bean bag sets it all off! Good job girls!! I've tried to get a pic of Sophie that I love for 2 years, and y'all beat me to it!

A girl...not sure which one...took this of me as I was watching American Idol the day that my tooth fell out. It really sums up how I was feeling!

Here are the clothes that the girls picked out with their "credit card" aka gift card from Children's Place. This was their b-day gift from Nana and G-dad. They did a great job of picking out spring/summer clothes.

They got this after I talked it waaaayyyy up! We were not leaving the store without it!! I love this!!

And here is their new earring holder that has 2 pairs of earrings on it from Nana and Brenda, just waiting for the girls to get their ears pierced.

A Month in the Life of My I-Phone

The camera on my phone has so many more photo-ops than my big bulky expensive-ish camera. The good camera only makes it out of the bag on important days like birthdays or trips. Even though I carry a point and shoot camera in my purse at all times, the phone still captures more memories, many times way more authentic too. I never know what pictures are going to be on my phone, since it's one of the kids' favorite things to play with! The month of February brought a new phone into our I-phone 4. Here are a select group of pictures that were taken on my phone this month, starting with the kids at the mall playground on one of the days that we got out of school for ice. We pretty much had the mall to ourselves that day!

This month we also celebrated my teammate Carrie's 5oth birthday. Here is the Key 4th grade team, and someone I wish was still on the 4th grade team!

The girls' 5th birthday shirts

Carson playing Y-basketball...wish the phone had better zoom!

Emmy wearing my heels

manis and pedis for their 5th birthday

one of the kids took this pic of Uncle John when he came over to bring the girls their b-day presents. he wore Nathan's track medals from his meet so he could show us.

visiting with Grandad on the girls' 5th birthday

Chik fil A playground after soccer

Carson and Ella posed for pics on the top bunk, that still hasn't worn off


My front tooth that has given me problems for 20 years decided to come out in the middle of my Language Arts lesson last Thursday. Here I am at the dentist with the tooth on my lap...sad story.

Cooper was being sweet and cuddly one night last week.

Outback...yum...on Friday before the girls' talent show at school

getting ready to perform in the talent show at Park Row Christian

and that takes us up to a picture that I took today...the sun rising over Fort Worth, as the Cowtown 2011 10K was about to start!! I love having a camera on my phone!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fantastic Five!

We celebrated the girls 5th birthday at Chuck E Cheese on 2-13-11. They had a great time with all of their friends that came!

Before we left the house for their party, we took some pictures in the front yard.

Family picture in front of Chuck E.'s stage before all of the guests started to arrive. We booked the party on a Sunday at 11:00 am in hopes that Chuck E. Cheese wouldn't be crowded, and we totally lucked one was there!

Birthday parties is about the only time I get a pic with my bro!

Quinny and Emmy getting ready to play games



Julie and her girls

Emmy had a great time playing games with Paige and Tobi!

Ashy and the tickets that she won

pizza time

Grancie, Robin, and Uncle Caleb

mommy and daddy

blowing out the candles on their princess castle cake

group pic with Chuck E. Cheese

The hostess was great. She let the girls help her cut the cake.

Emmy in the ticket blaster

Cade took El's turn in the ticket blaster, because she didn't want to go in. Cade was sweet and gave her all of the tickets that he caught.

Sam and El picking a prize at the prize counter

the presents got packaged up and we took them home because we ran out of time to open them at the party

The girls had a great time opening so many wonderful gifts from sweet friends and family, they were so appreciative!!