Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Emma's and Ella's Kindergarten Feast

Today the girls had their Thanksgiving feast at school!! They dressed up in their "Gobble Gobble" shirts and headed out the door!! We were all excited that our Thanksgiving vacation was about to begin!

Ella Cate at the feast!

Emma Claire about to dig into her yummy lunch! She ate green beans, apple sauce, and a roll...and that's it!! The turkey, mac n cheese, and mashed potatoes looked so yummy to me...come on girl!!

Mom and Em

Girlies and Mommy ready to leave for school!! We were loving that we matched!! I got my turkey shirt from Old Navy 4 years ago, and I just found a matching shirt for them last week! Old Navy is recycling their graphics, but I was so thankful!! We have never had matching shirts!

Grayson ready to eat!

After school the gang and Quinny ate turkey cupcakes in my classroom.

and they hid under my desk!

Ella Bella and Mommy at the feast!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

8th Annual Thanksgiving in the School Cafeteria

My mom started coming to our school's cafeteria lunch back in November, 2004 when Cade was in Kindergarten. She hasn't missed a year since then, so last Thursday made year #8. The kids were so excited that she came to eat with them! They weren't too hip on having turkey from the lunch line, so Grancie brought them Subway instead, and a bunch of books from her school book fair! They loved every minute of having her there! I got to sit with her and the girls, because Kindergarten lunch falls in my conference time.

Silly crew getting ready to head out the door to school!! I had no problem getting them up this morning!! They popped out of bed knowing that Grancie was coming to eat with them!

Posing with Mrs. Bogard, who always dresses up as a turkey!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Carson's Last Football Game 2011

Carson had his last 1st grade season flag football game on Saturday. I know he will miss playing, and we will miss watching him, but next Saturday I'll be thankful to not have to be anywhere at the crack of dawn! :)

He's had a great season. Most of the team has been together since pre-K.

The cheerleaders cheered one last time after the game.

They got cute foam fingers from the cheerleaders, and Carson posed with his longtime buddy, Ethan.

This one is out of order, but after Carson's game, I cleaned out Cheddar's cage, and she got a Little Debbie's cake as her treat. I guarantee she will savor it all week! So funny!!

Car on the field...#5

End of Season Cheer Party 2011

The girls had their cheer party last Friday night. It was held at a personal training gym, and the party was conducted much like an ASI party. We had a shared party with the football players that the girls cheered for, and one of the football parents owns this gym. The girls loved it!! The girls got this cute bag of goodies from the football team.

Ella climbing the ropes

Emmy climbing the ropes

Their cheer sponsors gave them Highlander pillowcases, and they've slept on them every night since the party!

fun in the aerobics room!

Yummy pizza

getting their gifts!

playing on the track!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ella's Mall Date With Mommy!!

Ella and I had an unplanned mall date earlier this week, and we had so much fun!! I can't even remember why I needed to get to the mall, but everyone except Ella wanted to stay with Sam. So Ella and I headed to the mall...we had time to hold hands :), take in the scenery, get a sweet treat, and even write a letter to Santa!! She was feeling so special, and I soaked it all in!!

We found these pins that looked like our Slicky, and it made us both feel pretty sentimental! He was a good boy!! El confessed that she's been wanting a girl "Slick dog" for a long time, and I told her that's going to have to wait. :)

Macy's had their "letter to Santa" station up!! No one was there, and Ella took her time writing a good letter!


Here she is sending it off to the North Pole!!

She loves the gumball machines!!

In Gap she found a stuffed Sophie!! Ha!!

She picked a pretty frosted cookie...

played hopscotch in JC Penney

and spent a loooooong time looking in the junky mall toy store!!
We both had so much fun. Spending time with 1 vs 4 is so different!! I want to be better about taking everyone on individual "dates"!! So special!

Celebrating a Successful Season!

After competition last Sunday we headed to our staple Sunday afternoon restaurant, McAllisters! We love it! It's easy, quick, everyone can find something they like, and they have 99 cents kids meals! The girls got GIANT cookies to celebrate!!

Silly Ella Bella!!

My Emma Claire...who lost another tooth last Friday 11-4-11. I can't keep up with all of the teeth that are falling out around here!! The tooth fairy did come, and she was given $5, neon crayons, and a bottle of Arielle (the princess) hand sanitizer to clip on her backpack. I'm not sure how the tooth fairy who visits our house comes bearing so many surprises!! It's getting pricey! I think I got a half dollar coin (whatever those are called) for my teeth!!

They LOVE Taylor!!

I love that all of my girls' idols are selling perfumes!! Their advertisements greet us every time we walk into a mall department store, and the girls love it!! They were soooo excited when they saw Taylor Swift in Dillards last week! They were the ones who asked me to take a picture of them, and that never happens!! When they hear her singing on the radio, no matter what song, they always know it's her...true fans!!! :)

Cheer Competition 2011

With the end of cheer season comes the annual ACA cheer competition at Martin HS. Last Sunday the girls participated in their second annual competition! They did great, and they loved every second of it!!

They had a really sweet team this year...great girls, great sponsors, and sweet coaches (all 7th graders, that did a really good job with them!)

walking into competition...ready to perform!!

cheer portion!

so precious!! Out of 600 cheerleaders they were 1 of only 3 Kindergarten/pre-K teams!! They did so good!!

A sweet mom on the team made all of the girls these signs!

dance portion of the competition! They changed into their "spirit wear" for this number!

They got really cool trophies!

The whole team with their coaches and sponsors

out of order....walking into the dance number, performed to Selena Gomez's "Round and Round"...the girls don't call her Selena, they call her J.B.'s girlfriend... :)