Monday, August 24, 2009

Cade's First Day of 5th grade/ My first day of my 9th Year

Today was Cade's first day of 5th grade, and it was my first day of my 9th year of teaching. Sam always brings Cade by my classroom so we can all get a picture together. This has been our tradition since he was in Kindergarten!
He seemed so big today! So proud of his Jordans and his backpack that has a pouch for his I-Touch! So different from that 5 year old I brought to school with me a few years back! I'm so thankful that I've gotten to be at school with him all this time! He is an awesome kid!

Our traditional 1st day picture! It's hard to believe that Carson will be in this pic next school year!!

3 and a half already?!

My baby girls turned 3 and a half on August 14th!! It seems like just yesterday I couldn't wait for them to be 3!! Back when I was in the trenches of newborn twins and a toddler, I thought that 3 sounded so much easier! Now I would give anything to turn back time and hold my tiny baby girls! They are such a blessing, and their sweet personalities blossom daily! I have a feeling we have some prissy shoppers on our hands : )....Daddy is worried!!!

Emma Claire and Ella Cate

Miss Emmy

Queen Ellie : )

glossing it up!

Carson's Early 5th Birthday

We celebrated Carson's birthday a little early this year. 8-9-09 to be exact! We had a dual party with his good buddy Ethan at Howard Moore Pool! It was a blast!

Carson and Ethan before the party

The skull cake that Brandy for each boy!

Ella Cate in her pirate gear! We used the pirate gear as favors for the pirate themed party.

Car and Ash after the party

Carson and his loot!
We are still planning to celebrate Carson in October! He will get a mini family party, and his gift from Mommy and Daddy and Nana and G-Dad!

Friday, August 7, 2009

VBS 2009

The kids have had a great week at VBS this week! This was the girls' first year to go, and they absolutely loved it! First Methodist has an awesome VBS program! Just another reason why we need to try to make it to church there more Sundays!
This morning I decided to snap a few pictures before I dropped them off. The girls were in a picture taking mood, and Mr. Carson was not!
I am heading out in a few minutes to watch their VBS musical, and tonight they have their end of VBS swim party, so more pictures to come!

Ella, Carson, Emma

Our Funny Dogs!

Our puppies are sooo funny! They are the best of friends! Sophie (the Chihuahua) even cleans Cooper's teeth for him! She sticks her whole head in his mouth and eats whatever is on his teeth, and he lets her! Kind of gross, but really funny to see....I've got to get a picture of it! Cooper is so gentle with her. In the picture that I took (through the dirty sliding glass door) Cooper could have easily yanked the bone away, but he wound up surrendering it to her!

Enjoying the water slide...with Cooper!

The kids have been enjoying playing on their water slide that we bought last summer (Cade's too big this year). When we got it out the other day Cooper REEAALLYY wanted to get in and cool off with them!
Cooper, Carson, Emma, and Ella

When our neighbors are away we will play!

Our "down the street" neighbors gave us free reign of their beautiful pool while they vacationed in Florida for a week. On Monday while Cade and Sam were at Cade's football conditioning practice, we took a walk to their house to swim. Everyone started out walking, but it didn't last long. They all took turns in the wagon.

Posing in front of the Crosiers' gorgeous backyard and pool

Miss Ellie

Carson was a fish!

Sisters in their goggles!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ella's First Haircut by an Amateur

Sunday started out like any normal Sunday, but a turn of events left the day anything but routine.
Sam had started the day off mowing the yard at our rent house. On his way home he ran over a cat that wound up dying. When he got home we sat in the front room by ourselves as he told me the very sad story. He was very shaken up, and he didn't want the kids to hear about the poor cat. In the middle of the story Emma walked in with a clump of dirty blonde hair in her hand and told us that Carson cut Ella's hair. I think that I started to hyperventilate because I was unsure how much more hair I'd find when I went into the living room. Looking back I probably should have remained more calm, but at the time I did panic a bit!
The story goes that Ella was sitting on the beanbag watching Sponge bob when Carson came up behind her and cut a chunk from the front of her hair and a chunk from the back. He used his non pointed Giraffe shaped scissors to do the job! Ella didn't care at all that he cut her hair until she saw my reaction, and then she started to cry.

The chunk of Ella's long hair. She has so much hair that what she lost is hardly noticeable!

You can see that Carson cut her some "side bangs". She is looking a bit worried here!

...and a little sad here...all as a result of my reaction! : (

When we took her braids down more hair fell out...she is posing with it here! Notice her change of dress! If she could she would wear 5 different dresses every day!

All scissors have been hidden and banned!! They can practice their cutting skills at school!!