Sunday, September 30, 2007

we are a fair family

On Friday Sam, Caden, Carson, and I missed work and school to go to opening day at The State Fair of TX. We had a great day of family fun minus our sweet girls. They stayed at home and played with Nana. Sam and I were not quite brave enough to walk the fairgrounds with the 4 of them and just the 2 of us...maybe next year! Here we are posing in front of one of the millions of games on the Midway.
We had a great time in The Food and Fiber Building. We even got to pose with this funny Plantation Meats turkey!
Carson and I are in front of one of the most delicious treats on Earth...State Fair cotton candy!
Every year we get a picture in front of Big Tex...mommy and the guys.
The boys really enjoyed looking at and petting Elsie the Cow.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

First time rollerskating

Baby Carter

Today at Colt's birthday party Sam and I both spent some time holding baby Carter, who is now 4 months old. Sam commented on how he could hardly remember when our girls (or the boys) were that small. It is amazing that it goes by so fast! It made me sad to think that the baby stage has come and gone for all 4 of ours. It is easy to forget just how sweet they are as infants...they smell soooo good...the pudge is neverending...the sweet gurggles are priceless....and THEY CAN"T GET AWAY FROM YOU!!

We love to eat

Here are some shots of the girls doing one of their favorite things.....eating! This time it was Colt's cookie cake, and they LOVED it!!


Today we went to Inerskate in Lewisville for Colt's 10th birthday party. We had a lot of fun! It was the girls' and Carson's first skating experience. I think that it was Caden's second time to skate, but anyone watching him would have guessed that it was his first as well! : )

Monday, September 10, 2007

Starting Back to School

As I am writing this we are starting our 3rd week of school. Caden is in 3rd grade this year, Carson is in the 2 year old class at All Saint's Lutheran Church, and the girls are starting their 2nd year staying at our house with Nana and LilliAnn. I am beginning my 7th year teaching (4th year teaching 4th grade). We are all off to a pretty good start, but I really miss the kids...we had an awesome summer together! Some highlights of the back to school week; Carson stole a backpack full of toys from his classroom on the 1st day, Caden is juggling the start of tackle football (practice 3 days a week) and school very well, the girls are avid book listeners (like no others), they love to color, and they are quickly becoming best friends!! I am excited about this blog thing! I always say I need to record all of the quirky, unique, and precious things my bunch I have a place!