Friday, July 31, 2009

A Perfect Night for Baseball

Thursday night we headed out to Frisco to watch a RoughRiders baseball game. Since we have had alot of rain lately, we were blessed with cooler temperatures (than an average late July day) and a perfect night to watch baseball!
Brenda got the tickets for us months ago, and it was planned that Brenda and her fam, Chels and her fam, and my fam (minus the girlies) would all go together. However, Brenda's plans changed, and Shawna's fam thankfully came in the Wimbish family's place.
We had a blast! Our seats were really good. We were graced with the presence of a famous chicken mascot. Cade and I split 2 Strawberry Chills! And the stadium even had a playground and bounce houses for the kids! The boys kept each other entertained, and all in all it was a perfect night!!
I definitely think this needs to become tradition...don't y'all Shawna and Chels?

We had a nice Frisco policeman capture our outing as we entered the stadium

There was a snow hill, snow machine, and huge snow mound at the front of the stadium...I was thinking maybe they were going for a "Christmas in July" theme??? We were running a little behind, so we couldn't enjoy the fun things as much as the boys wanted to, but they threw a few snowballs and posed for this picture.

Cade and Carson with their new RoughRiders with the ticket deal that Brenda got us! I swear my friend finds the best deals on tickets!!! So lucky that she is always looking out for us!

We found our seats, and Carson found his best bud Corbin! Corbin's mommy is always on time, so it was no surprise they were there 1st! Wish I could be more like that! : ) The boys were inseparable the whole evening.

Mr. Gage (Corbin's little bro) sitting on his Daddy's lap...

Carter eating a snack. Chels came girl!

Chels, Shawna, and I enjoying the game....20 years after I met them at Lakeview Middle School in 6th grade!!! Chels and Shawna go back even further than that!! I think that it is sooo cool that we are still great friends!

Cade enjoying the 1st of 2 strawberry Chills that we shared

the boys playing on the neat playground

blurry, but still sweet of Carson and Corbin

Carter going down the BIG fear of heights for Carter!

Carson in the bounce house

A group shot of Shawna with both her boys, Chels and her little boy, and me with lone Carson....I am missing 3 of my kiddos in this one. However it is super cute to favorite of the night for sure!!

Chels and Carter after he worked up a sweat playing NONSTOP!!

the famous chicken that was really funny!

Corbin and Carson watching the funny chicken...I love this one too!

as we were leaving the boys stumbled upon what was left of the snow mound. My boys had a mini snow-ball fight that almost turned ugly. Shawna's boys played nicely as always. : )

Gage, Corbin, and Carson happy about the snow

walking to the car after a really fun night!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Drawing on the Door

While at Target I came across something that I knew would keep the little ones entertained on a long summer day (not complaining, but some of these days seem long!). So yesterday for a whole 30 minutes we had no fighting, whining, or messes. If you don't have Crayola's Window Crayons get your hands on some! It is $3.99 well spent, and it cleaned off without any issues! Before beginning I explained that these crayons were only for windows, and they were never ever to write on a wall or window without my permission, and afterwards these crayons were hidden. That being said, I am sure I will have a post eventually in which one of the littles drew a mural on a wall in their bedroom! : )

Emmy concentrating hard....excuse our ugly 1970s sliding glass door!

Carson's blue design


Ella Cate

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cooper Graduates!

Last Sunday, Cooper (our 6 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback) graduated from his 8 week training course at Petsmart. Cade and I have had fun taking him to training every Sunday for an hour. It was a beginners course, and he learned everything from sitting, to leaving things alone that he isn't supposed to mess with (we still have to work quite a bit on the "leave it" command!).

Part of our class was always to spend a little time out in the store working on all of the commands while there are many distractions happening. Cooper's favorite places were always the fish tanks and where the kittens are kept!

The proud and lazy new grad....

Cooper receiving his treat and certificate from Jocelyn the trainer

working on commands with Jocelyn

our big boy! Cooper changed alot over the course of 8 weeks! It was always funny to hear our classmates reactions when we walked in each week. He at least doubled in size during those weeks! Wish I had a picture of him in his 1st class!

Cade and I with the grad : )....we are planning on starting him in an intermediate training class at the end of August.

Oh Happy Day!!

After a long week without Daddy around (work trip to Virginia) the kids and I decided to spend some of Saturday at the mall. We ate lunch at Chik-fil-A, walked around, and bought prizes from The Disney Store.
Recently the little ones' love gathering coins (earning them, begging, finding, and stealing :) them). When they gather what they think is enough they put them into one of their wallets or pouches and inform me of what they plan to buy. It depends on their mood, but on any given day they might expect their hand full of coins to buy them a pool, piece of candy, action figure...really whatever they want. It breaks my heart when I have to tell them that 2 cents just can't buy a Build-a-Bear!
However, on Saturday I decided to pitch in and help them buy prizes with their coins.

Emmy bought this High school Musical makeup mirror that really lights up....she was sooo excited to hand the cashier her coins!

Ella bought some flip flops with a sparkly jewel on them. She says their her dancing shoes, and her daddy is going to take her dancing! : )

Carson chose a Buzz Lightyear washcloth that expands when you put it into water...thankfully that was a very cheap choice. In this picture he had it packed away, ready to take to Corbin's. I think that was the best prize of all for Carson! He loved spending the night with his buddy!
*Later on that day Cade and I got to have a night out together. I didn't get any pictures : (, but we shopped at Stonebriar Mall, and Cade chose an LSU shirt for his prize. We then had dessert at The Cheesecake Factory (early b-day treat for me). Saturday evening we watched Colt's play, and ate at Angelina's with Brenda and Colt.*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This summer we took a quick and exciting trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Sam's friend Ron owns a cabin there. We visited last summer, and we had so much fun that we decided to visit again....hopefully a tradition in the making!

7-9-09 our Broken Bow trip

We arrived in Broken Bow at Ron's cabin Thursday afternoon 7-9-09. Cade, the girls and Sam posed for a quick picture before going in the cabin. Carson was busy looking at the frog....or toad? in the picture below.

He camouflaged himself well!

Carson loved getting to be so close to the toad!

The loft in Ron's cabin.

Carson riding in the fire truck that adds to Ron's fireman decor in his cabin.

Emma Claire soooo excited to be at the cabin in Oklahoma!

Ella Cate...just as excited!

Caden feeling the excitement as well!

We ate dinner at Pizza Hut in Broken Bow....Ellie and her biggest bubby giving kisses.

the fam at Pizza Hut

After we got back to the cabin we decided to roast marshmallows. Here is El with her roasting stick.

and Miss Em found a cool pinecone!

Ella...double marshmallows

The girls and Cade with their marshmallows

ready to roast!

let the roasting begin...the little ones didn't like the burnt taste of the marshmallows once they were roasted, but they loved the roasting process!

El ready to roast


Claire-Bear (another goofy name of mine!)

fun was had by all!