Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Moments

This morning I decided I had a moment that I must capture.
Grancie bought my girls sweet shirts and fun hair doo-dads yesterday, and I decided that they must be photographed before heading out the door to go to school. I went to the cabinet where I keep my camera, and since that poor camera hasn't seen the light of day in quite sometime it was no surprise that the battery was dead.
I knew if I let the moment get away I would forget to take a picture after school, so I dug around until I uncovered my old little camera. Thankfully the battery had enough power to capture some shots this morning, and a few more this evening! I guess there was a reason that I hung on to my little camera! Their shirts say "Girls Rule", and Emmy said that their fun purple hair thingys were "like a cheerleader" : )

Emma Claire and Ella Cate

Playing Rescue Heroes in our empty dining room

Carson played with this remote control robot for at least 2 hours this evening. It was a hand me down from his cousin, and he was THRILLED to have it!

Cade read to Miss Ella Cate before bedtime

Sweet Surprise!

Today I uncovered my old camera. I hadn't seen it since Chels and I went on our Austin adventure in mid November. I discovered some sweet memories that I realized I had never even uploaded! I was in need of the smiles that these pictures brought me on this chilly Monday evening!
Crib Dilemma-July 2008
Here are the girls back in late summer when they used to climb out of their cribs and wedge themselves underneath!

Big girl beds were in the near future!

Christmas shopping in Austin-November 2008
I took this picture back in November on my annual shopping adventure with Chels (that I never even blogged about). We had a great time! Anyway, Pottery Barn Kids had dolls named Emmy and Ellie. They were ridiculously expensive, so instead of buying them I decided to take a picture instead!

Chels and I went to The Oasis and sat outside to watch the sun set

Chels enjoying our time....I am in need of another Austin weekend real soon! ; )

4 years old-October 2008
This pic was taken on or around Carson's 4th b-day in October. He received this Transformer watch as a gift.
Dallas Zoo -August 2008
Frolicking in the water at The Dallas Zoo last summer


Emma Claire

Our zoo gang

This picture took me totally off guard! I CANNOT believe how much Carter has grown and changed in 6 short months.

Funny girls!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alot Can Happen in 23 Days!

I am FINALLY posting for the first time in 23 days, and oh my ALOT has happened! During all of this time we have been settling into our new home Internet free! We have had lots of trouble getting our wireless Internet set up. Finally after Sam spent 10+ hours on the phone and took a day off work today, our Internet is up and running! The only part of the Internet that I really missed was Blogger! It was torture not getting to keep up with all of my faves in the blog world, and I missed posting! Thankfully when school started back on January 5th I started being able to sneak a peek at all of the blogs that entertain me on a daily basis....shhhh don't tell! ; )
We had an awesome Christmas break, spending time with Sam's side of the fam before Christmas and all of my side on Christmas day. Sam and I got to go on a date by ourselves on New Year's Eve. We got to have a quiet dinner, and we saw Marley and Me. It was a needed break. ; ) I won't lie and say that moving during Christmas wasn't a little (maybe alot) stressful, but the extra time to get things in order was great. I did NOT document these holidays very well...I guess because things were sooo busy. I took a total of 38 pictures from December 21st-January 13th. That is SO not like me! I can't wait to get back to my old picture taking ways and keep up with my blog!
Here is a quick update...organized in the format of the ABC's of the Stewart's last 3 weeks.. ; )

Adjusting to being back to school after a GREAT holiday
Being made aware by Brenda and my mom that all of the pecans laying in my yard are valuable
Caden's stomach virus : (
Deciding that the people who built this house knew how to create great storage
Eating way too much fat free banana pudding
Giving up the paci's for good on Christmas Eve (Santa took them to babies who needed them)
Having space space and more space...praise the Lord!
I LOVE the holidays...even when they are mixed with moving ; ) I also love my blog's new look courtesy of Cara!!
Jumping for joy when my Uggs arrived at my door...thanks Mom!
Loving time at home with my kiddos
Much needed free time that I had being internet free (amazing how much time blogging takes)
Not knowing any neighbors ; (... but meeting ones that seem nice
One set of lost keys at The Parks antic carried through by Mr Carson..Funny huh Chels?
Playing on the new fort
Quiet neighborhood ; )
Realizing how blind and deaf my dog is
Slick falling in my neighbor's pool (see letter R!)
Three hundred dollars spent on a plumber the week after we moved in
Understanding that my kids have trouble sleeping in a new environment..1 hour + to fall asleep!!
Venturing out of my comfort zone in the kitchen (a.k.a. trying to learn to cook ; ) )
Watching the interesting guinea hens that live on our street...weird I know!
Xtra room to live together as a family... ; ) I really am not taking all of my extra room for granted
Yearning to know how to decorate all of these blank walls????
Zany crazy kids using all of this open furniture free space to run run run!

*Here are a few of the 38 pictures (sad I know) that I have taken over the last 3 weeks*
Christmas morning

Car Bear playing with his new Rescue Heroes Fort

The girls and their new kitchen

Cade got Rock Band

The girls and Cade in wearing their new slippers

Emma Claire got a Baby Alive from Aunt Madonna and Uncle is way cooler than any baby I owned as a kid!

Ella Cate feeding the Baby Alive

building a "dragon" with their new blocks

Carson got cowboy boots from Grancie and Robin...he LOVES them!

sweet Courtney came to play over the break. They had fun with the girls' Dora house from Nana and G-Dad