Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jerry Jeff Weekend 2011

I think that this is my 7th maybe 8th annual Jerry Jeff Walker weekend with the Wimbish fam in Austin. This year we were missing Chels because she stayed home since she is so close to delivering Abby. We arrived Saturday around noon hit Chuy's and the Round Rock Outlets, and then we checked in at the Fancy Schmancy Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Austin..Bren and I posed in the elevator mirror!

Billys yummy restaurant that Cody took us to

post Jerry Jeff...about to hit The Driskoll and 6th Street!

loud music on 6th..but fun!

blurry bathroom pic in my boots

the guy in the band jamming!

March Mavs Game and Park Trip

Brenda shared tickets with us to a Mavs game last Sunday, and it just happened to be a Dirk bobble head giveaway night!! We headed out to the AAC early to make sure we got our bobble heads!!

Here he is...Super Dirk!!

He came with his very own wig! Ha!

The madness of bobblehead giveaway!
The Saturday before The Mavs game we went to the park...
I wore my Reefs that I love!! I'm so happy it's sandal/flip flop season!!

Ella Cate

sweet sissys


silly Ella Belle

Carson was at the park, but he was going 100mph, and he wouldn't stop for a picture!

I-phone Fun!!

Here are some pictures that my phone has captured this past month...I love the crazy variety of photos!!
When I took the above picture I was thinking how neat it would be to have a twin, they truly are best friends!

Carson having computer time

The precious boot cut Hudsons that were $79.00 at Arlington's new Nordstrom Rack!!

Glory glory Hallelujah!! 2 miles from my house!

On the way to a St. Pattys Day girls night!

Cars new haircut

sweet Emma Claire

Cowgirl Ella Cate

My little ones! :)

Daddy's new mower! Fun

Friday at my desk oh how I love Fridays!

My classroom pre-open house!

My mini-van hit 80,000

Bren and I were planning our families vacays to Destin, FL at Gloria's after Chelsi's baby shower! Can't wait til August!

Balloons at Spaghetti Warehouse, and Ashlyn got to spend the night

The goodie tree I made for Chelsi's shower

My Ellie and Carson eating bananas!


I love looking at pictures, and a couple of weeks the kids and I spent a whole evening flipping through lots of old memories. I love this picture of the people that I teach with (when Julie was still a teacher) dressed up for twin day in the fall of 2005. I was 4 months pregnant with the twins, and I'm the only one who doesn't have a pillow in my shirt. :)

my first 4th grade TX Day at Key... April 2005

Shawna and I with our baby boys at Stonebriar 2004

Beth and I at Chelsi's rehearsal dinner at Dave and Busters July 2003

Celebrating Chelsi

A little after Chelsi's birthday I met Chels and Brenda at Southlake for dinner at Mi Cocina, shopping, and a movie. Poor Chels had to put up with Brenda and I after a couple of potent margaritas. ;) We thought it would be a great idea to get on this horse for a pic! Ha! Sadly I didn't get a picture with Chels that night, but I did find some old pictures of her when I was flipping through an album several weeks ago. I just love reminiscing!!


At Beth's wedding shower around 2000

Fun at Hula Hut in Austin

Miss Bachelorette...2003..I pretty!