Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter From The Stewart Fam

I am still laughing about this picture!! When I went into WalMart today we saw that there were free Easter bunny pictures! Even though the bunny was a bit frightening I made the kids get a pic with him since I figured this was probably our last chance for an Easter 2011 bunny pic!! I love the looks on Ella's and Carson's face!!

Here are the girls before they left the house to head to their school Easter party last Wednesday

Spirit Night at Spring Creek

Last week our school had a spirit night at Spring Creek. Teachers served rolls, and I wasn't very good at it. I was talking to one of my student's family and the 17 year old "real roll girl" came over to give me fresh rolls. When she did that I said, "I guess I need to get moving"...she said "Yes, please, we have people asking for rolls" was fun though!
Here I am with Cindy Price (2nd grade) and Mrs. Jackson (asst. principal)

Carson's First Overnighter

Carson had his very first non-family overnight guest last night. He invited his best buddy, Sam, from school over. Sam's nice family has already had Carson overnight twice! They had a blast! We mainly stayed at the house and played, but my Sam:) took them for a quick Subway run last night. They were both bummed when Sammy had to leave this morning!

Here they are playing Lego Ninjago on my nasty green tile!!

Mavs Playoff 2011 Game #2 vs Portland

Brenda, Colt, Caden, and I went to playoff game #2 last Tuesday. We ate at the new-ish Hardrock Cafe very near Victory Plaza. It was a first for us and very yummy and fun!

Cade and I waiting on Bren and Colt

Cade and his delish chocolate chip pie

The 4 of us next to a vintage Madonna suit!!

Walking to The AA Center!
So typical!!!! Love It!!!

The boys in front of The AA Center pre-game

The game was about to start..seconds later my phone went dead, but it was an awesome game!! We are going to another playoff game on Monday!!

The Day Abby was Born...According to my Phone

I captured some sweet moments on Abby's "birth"day on my phone. They were just too special to forget about.
Here are Abby's uncles and grandpa waiting to see her for the 1st time.

Ma and Uncle Austin gazing at Abby for the first time.

proud uncles

Carter and his pink bubble gum cigar


Kindergarten Round Up at Key

April 12 was Kindergarten Round Up at Key Elementary. Next year the girls will come to Key with me!! I'm so excited!! No school bills and sooo much easier, plus they will be in the same building as me! The girls will be in the same class (Mrs. Binford's) with Quinny and and Grayson. Stevi, Julie, and I were all pregnant with these babies back in the 2005-2006 school year, and now they'll be in kinder. in the fall ....crazy!!!! Here they are pictured with Reesey and Tate on the stage.

After roundup we went to Yummilicious with the Williford fam!! Fun times!!

Some I-Phone Animal Pictures from April

Cheddar and I while I was letting her ride on my shoulders for "cage free" time

A funny dachshund dressed up for trade days at Canton. This was the only picture I took on our Canton, but it was great fun and I got some neat things!!

Ella Belle and Sophie girl

Kindergarten Easter Party

Carson's class Easter party was on Thursday, and since the ground was still wet from the morning rain, the party had to be held inside! They had an egg hunt, snack, and a craft. I got to stay for a little bit, and loved watching my boy have fun!

Carson and his best buddy, Sam

with his findings!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grayson's 5th Birthday Party

Last Sunday we went to The Binfords' house for Grayson's 5th birthday party. They have a gorgeous 2 acre lot very near our school. My kids felt like they were in Texarkana! They LOVED it!. Grayson has a pot belly pig named Wilbur, and his grandad got him a pony named Lady Charlotte for his b-day.

Here are the three heading out to the Binford Barn

Wilbur...he was such a sweet piggy

Quinny and Ella Cate with a baby duckling

Ella Cate

Two of the fun events at the party were digging for gold and planting seeds. Here is Ella with her finished products.

Quinny swinging

Emmy rode Grayson's pony

Some Pure Randomness

My first bit of pure randomness is courtesy of Sam. I just had to document the picture of Kenny Chesney that he cut out of the paper on stuck to the fridge for me. I had groaned the whole night before because Kenny and The Zac Brown Band were less than 5 miles away from me at The Cowboy Stadium and I had no ticket!

Car took this pic of my classroom ceiling displaying a couple of the fun things that make me smile on a daily Mavs pinata, butterfly wind chime, and my fun chandelier

I took these next couple of pics to document just a couple of the really cool things that a guy named Smitty has done for our school. He's a tattoo artist in Fort Worth and has amazing talent. He always decorates for special events for our school, he's designed t-shirts, yearbook covers, and much more...all free hand. He will no longer be a parent at our school next year because his daughter is in 6th grade, and just like Cade she will head to junior high next year! We will sure miss him and the cool things he does for our school!

And here is my Ellie Bean's new past time...she loves getting up on HER top bunk and arranging beds for her stuffed animals. She spends forever up there and I eavesdrop as she talks to all of her "babies". :)

Carson's First 1 Mile Fun Run

On Saturday April, 16th Carson did his first run. He participated in the 1 mile run at our school's annual Colt Stampede. I wasn't able to be there since I was still at the hospital with Chels and Abby, but I got a pretty good play by play from his proud daddy! He got 5th place overall and ran his little heart out! I'm so glad that he shares my love of running (at least for the time being).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A New Little Love

In honor of Abby's "original due date" I'm going to post about this new little girl that I was introduced to a week ago.
Chels had Abigail Paige Henry on Thursday 4-14-11. I was en route to Plano when Abby came around 11:30 am. I had planned to take a half day that day because Chels was supposed to be induced early that morning, and I guess I was figuring that she would be in labor well into the late afternoon on April 14th. Ha, was I wrong!! Miss Abby Paige had other plans! Chels went into labor on her own around 3:00am on the day that she was scheduled to be induced, and when I was running on the treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness, just before 6:00 am I got the text that she was headed to the hospital. Since I'd only called in a half day sub, I knew I'd have to go into school for a little bit. Thankfully my sweet sub came in an hour early, and I headed to Plano. I got Brenda's text about Abby's birth stats when I was in the parking garage. All 8 lbs. 4 oz. of the sweet girl was perfectly healthy and precious. When I walked into the hospital I ran into Brenda, Gary, Colt, and Austin (Chels's parents and 2 of her brothers). We were able to all go into the delivery room shortly after Abby was born to see her. She seriously took my breath away! What an honor to be a part of such a special day for my best friend and the family that has pretty much all but adopted me. :)

Colt, Gary, and Austin...proud grandad and uncles

My 1st time holding Abby Paige

Chels and Abby...she looked amazing less than an hour after labor! I kept telling her that she had a tan, and she kept saying that I was seeing the hormone induced patches of dark skin...whatever...she was glowing!

After Chels was moved to the postpartum room I went with the Wimbish fam for some yummy mexican food and margaritas at Christina's! Yum!!
They had pink Equal which is soooo cool! Chels will only drink Equal in her tea, and who has ever seen pink Equal packets?! We summed it up to Abby's birthday!

Me with the Wimbish bunch minus Chels and Cody

We arrived back at the hospital just in time to watch Abby have her very first the hospital room!! Supposedly that's the new thing! What a wonderful idea to have the baby in the mom's room so much during those first hours!

Sweet girl loved getting her hair washed!

I love this!!
I left the hospital around 7:30 that evening to head back to Arlington, because I had to work on Friday, but the very next day we hit the road to Plano. After picking the girls up from school the 3 of us headed to the hospital where Carter got to show off his brand new sister. The girls stayed the night with Grancie, and I got to spend Abby's 2nd night in the hospital with Chels! I enjoyed every second, and it was just like old times (she stayed with me in the hospital when I had Carson and the twins).
Big Bro and Mommy...her robe says Carter and Abby <3 Mommy

eating Cheeto Puffs in the hospital bed :)

some action figure playtime

Later that evening the cute nurse came into check Abby and get her weight

Uncle Colt and Abby

Ma and Abby

sweet girl with her passy! I could've held her allll day!

Pretty early Saturday morning I headed back home. Chels and Abby went home around 11:00 on Saturday, and I had to get back to the troops.

For some reason I was being a bit sentimental and felt it necessary to snap a pic of the new day before entering The Tollway.
What a special couple of days!!