Monday, July 30, 2012

More of July

 Here comes another post full of a conglomerate of pictures that really don't go together!! I wish I had time to do nice neat posts like some blogs that I read, but I just can't seem to find that time! I tell myself that it's all about documenting these events, so here goes...another rambling on my part! :)
We invited Sammy and Ashlyn to eat at CiCi's and jump at Royal Jump with us one day last week. The kids had tons of fun!

 The girls and I met Julie, Reese, and Quinn at The Dallas Zoo one day last week! It was a little hot, but we sure had fun! I love my zoo pass!

 After our zoo outing we had some tooth drama going on between these sisters! Story goes....Ellie had been asking Daddy to pull her tooth for weeks, and he had tried on several occasions! Little did I know Emmy must have had the same tooth loose (not sure why I didn't clue into this, cause they always lose teeth within days of each other). Anyway we were in WalMart after our zoo outing, and Emmy was trying to open her candy with her teeth, and low and behold she loses her tooth in the middle of WalMart! El, who had been asking Daddy for weeks to pull her tooth, went into hysterics!!! Full blown!!! Awful!! I dragged her out, put her in the car, and that determined little thing pulled her own tooth out on the drive home from WalMart!!!! I had to pull over in a church parking lot to take the picture above!!! The tooth fairy had to work hard that night!! Phew!!!!

 This twin thing totally baffles my mind...everyday!!! Crazy!!!

 Late last week we jumped with Chels, Bren, and all the kiddos at Jump Street in Plano, and then we ate and shopped at Willow Bend!!! I love a day with my favorite ladies and kiddos!!

 My birthday was last week too!!!! And in honor of my birthday McAllisters had free tea day!!!! Ha!!!! It was a pure chance, but I had to stop in and get my fave tea for free after my b-day pedicure!! :)

 My fam took me to eat at The Oasis on Joe Pool Lake, and we had an awesome time!

 They LOVED feeding the ducks! :)

 and the crazy fish!!

 Last weekend we did a little back to school shopping at North East Mall!

 Random, but Dillards was having their 40% off clearance last Thursday- Saturday, and I took full advantage! I went to 4 Dillards in 3 days! I got Car these 2 pair of shoes for a little over $30, and all of what is pictured below was $83!!! LOVE a great deal!!

 Julie took me out for my b-day on Saturday! We ate at The Woodshed in Fort Worth and danced the night away at The Capital Bar! This is the only pic I had on my phone. She took one of us together!
So fun!!
 We ate at Black Eyed Pea on Sunday, and the kids were sporting Olympic attire/colors.

 Cade saw on the news this morning that today was National Cheesecake Day, and that The Cheesecake Factory had all of their cheesecake 1/2 price. So...after their first day at VBS (and Cade's 1st day of weight training at school) we headed to the mall and they split 2 Oreo Cheesecakes! I refrained from eating any :), but they looked sooooo yummy!!

 We shopped for a little while in The Cowboys store, and they posed for me.

Out of order...but here is the gang during our Royal Jump outing!

Just Having Fun in July!

 Carson's friend, Sam, spent the night with us earlier this month, and the kids had a blast! We went to the zoo early one morning, and it was the best time my kids had ever had at The Dallas Zoo!!! The weather wasn't too hot, there was no crowd, and all of the animals were out!! And an added bonus for me....the kids were soooo well behaved!!

 The girls wanted to wear their hats that I got them from The Central Park Zoo, and it made me miss NYC! :)

 I LOVE the African penguins!! They are so friendly!

 Of course we rode the monorail!

 We ate lunch and didn't have a heatstroke!!

 Look at this funny lion we saw when we went in to buy cotton candy!!! The king of the jungle was sooo entertaining!

 I loved this sweet warthog, who will always be Pumba to me!!

 cotton candy!!


 I love the children's area at The Dallas Zoo!!!

 What a fun day, and since my pass is good until January 2013, we will have lots more zoo outings!

 The next day we went to The UTA Planetarium, and we had a great time!

 After we took Sammy home we played at Veterans Park!

 The next day Nana came over to watch the boys, and the girlies and I shopped for school supplies! I'm glad that is done!!