Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Feast Day at Preschool

On Monday I went to the little ones' feasts at their preschool. I loved getting to see them in action in their classrooms! I got pictures with Ella and Carson, but Miss Em wanted nothing to do with having her picture taken in class. I think she did not want to be the center of attention, because later she told me that her teacher would have laughed at her if she had her picture taken in class. So like her mama back in the day! Ha!

Ellie and her sweet buddy...can you tell they are holding hands?

Carson with his feast

Carson and Mama



Ashlyn's 5th Birthday Party

The kids' sweet friend Ashlyn had her 5th birthday party at Joe T. Garcia's last weekend. Great fun was had by all who came! It was quite chilly, so we sat indoors, but the scene was perfect and the kids had a blast! Afterwards, all of the kiddos went home with Ashlyn, Ms. Aimee, and Mr. Chad to have a slumber party! Perfect party if you ask me!!

Sam and the kiddos heading into the famous Joe T.'s in Fort Worth

Ellie, Ashy, and Emmy

Carson and Ashlyn

the gang posing for a picture

Ashlyn and her yummy cake

Aimee, Ashlyn, and Chad

Ellie having soooo much fun!

opening presents


About 2 weeks ago we added a sweet new pet to our family. Cheddar the rat became Cade's pet. It all started when Cade found out that his homeroom teacher's rats had babies. She showed the brand new babies to the class, and Cade started begging for one. Fast forward 6 weeks, and I gave in. We went to the pet store and got Cheddar his new home and all of his supplies. Cade paid for half of everything and so far he is doing an excellent job helping to care for Cheddar. The rat is very low maintenance, and he is already starting to become tame. He looks like Ratatouille to me, but Cade decided to name him Cheddar...middle name Cheese...ha!

the girls mesmerized by the little guy

Emma Claire and Cheddar

the little ones with their big brothers rat

Cade and Cheddar's new home

Sunday, November 8, 2009

5th Grade Apaches 2009

Cade's football season came to a close Saturday afternoon. This Apache season has been much like all of the other Apache seasons since 1st grade. The poor boys didn't win one game, bless their hearts! I will say that I am a bit relieved that Cade no longer has 2, 2 hour long weeknight practices. Even though Apache morale was a little low by the end of the game, the weather was gorgeous, Grancie and Robin came to watch, and we celebrated the end of the season at McAllister's after the game!
Cade is #51 in the team picture that was definitely not posed or shot by a professional!! Right in the sunlight...look at all of those shadows...funny!

Cade is getting lined up (2nd from left)

Apaches vs Cougars

Mom and me with the girls looking like "Cousin It" with all that hair!

Ellie wore her cheerleader outfit to cheer her brother on!

Grancie and El!

Daddy and Em (with a mouthfull of gummies)

Car lounging in the stroller enjoying the game

Emma helped Jazz draw the winning raffle ticket at half time!

Cade listening to Coach Leroy's last speech

Grancie and Cade

Cade with Mom and Dad

Grancie and El after the game. Ellie was practicing her skipping!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

we Had a Happy Halloween 2009!!

We had our traditional Halloween! Dinner (at Jason's Deli), trick-or-treating, and post trick-or-treating snacks at Grancie's house in Carrollton. We've been doing this since Cade's 2nd Halloween, so that makes this our 10th consecutive year! Chels and Carter were along for the ride too! What fun!!

Sam took this picture of me with my mom's scarecrows...Chels I guess this is why you don't take pictures in direct sunlight...ha!

Robin getting Cade's scary makeup on...the girls were a little concerned!

Me with Snow White-Em and flapper cat-El

Ella Cate with her Halloween tattoo from Grancie

Emma Claire

Carson-GI Joe, Cade-scary zombie, Em, El

yummy after trick-or-treating treats!

Grancie and Ella Cate

Tux, Grancie, and El

the Stewarts

the Stewarts plus the so cute baseball player-Carter

walking up to a very scary decorated house on Grancie's street

Ella Cate post scary house :(

Sam and I out trick-or-treating

they loved the whole process this year!

Cade and Uncle Caleb

Grancie and her girls

me with my bro

Emma and a pumpkin that was carved like the witch from Snow White

someone had movies playing in their front yard on this inflatable screen

the gang crossing the street

scary Cade!!