Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Road Trip 2012...part 2

We left New Orleans around noon on July 5, 2012 headed for Panama City Beach, Florida...our last stop on our family road trip! It should've only taken us about 5 hours to get there from New Orleans, but with a lot of traffic we didn't get there til after dark! We were happy to finally arrive at The Sunset Inn!! We took in the sounds of the ocean on our balcony before heading to bed that first night!

and we woke up to this!!!!! I LOVE the beach!!

We made our way to the beach bright and early!

We met a nice photographer working for a company that takes beach pictures! Too bad that Sam and the other kids were out on the sand bar when he came by!! Em and Carson were really into posing for him!

Emmy loved digging in the sand!

The girlies got buried by Mommy!!

Each day we ate lunch on our balcony with an amazing view!! There was a guy who flew these kites every day we were there! It was soooooo beautiful!

I loved feeding the Seagulls!!

We took a boat ride to Shell Island!! My Mo and Wiss took me on many Shell Island trips while I was growing up! What great memories!!!

Shell Island is gorgeous, and the kids found tons of shells!!

Sam napped on the way back to shore!

Sadly this is the last picture my little camera took!! I think all of the sand did it in! Thank goodness it wasn't my good camera!

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sara said...

look like everyone had a great time! Now that you're back, lets get together!

Ava says to tell Carson 'HI" :)