Thursday, July 12, 2012

July I-Phone Pictures

 As if I didn't post enough pictures of our are all of the ones that I took on my phone!! :) Many of these were used as my FaceBook updates while we were on our trip! Here we are before we backed out of the garage to hit the road! I had already spilled water all down my shirt!! Ha!

 Dinner in Tyler, TX

 Independence Day in The French Quarter in New Orleans!
 A historical tour of NOLA in a mule drawn carriage! :)

 lunch at Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans
 Ha!! Very festive!

 We found a great hotel with a view to spend the night of July 4th! And we did some shopping in The French Quarter!
 Our beautiful hotel

 Yummy dinner and beignets!

 We watched lots of fireworks! :)

 After our night in New Orleans we drove to Panama City Beach Florida!! This place called MoJo's Porch caught my attention on our drive.
 We arrived at night in PCB, but we took in our first beach views from our balcony!
 Ready for a beach day!
 Toes in the sand!

 Kite watching and shell finding!

 The boys saw Spiderman, and us girls rode rides and shopped at Pier Park.

 We even found a store full of Tervis Tumblers!!!
 and got artwork on our nails!
 We snacked at the beach, and we took a boat ride to Shell of my favorite beach memories as a little girl!

 We had a snack on the way out to Shell Island!

 On Sunday we did some souvenir shopping and ate lunch at Pier Park
 We ate at Dick's Last Resort. None of us had ever been! It was interesting to say the least! Silly Emma Claire!

 Look at the sign for the Tervis Store!
 We shopped for PCB t-shirts
 and we spent one last evening at our little post on the beach...
 everyone swam out to the sandbar one last time!

 Carson showered off!! He may of spent more time in this shower than the pool or beach! :) He loved it!!

 Guess what souvenir the little ones chose?? Their very own Tervis Tumblers!! I've rubbed off on them! :)
 I did some beach reading!

 and I loved watching the kids play in the waves!
 On Monday morning we waved goodbye to the beach and headed home!
 We stopped in Alexandria LA for dinner at Logan's!

 Look who was soooo happy we were home!
 On Tuesday I got a picture of our Guinea Hens with their second set of chicks! They had chicks in May, and all were killed off by other birds/cats etc. Well they learned to be better parents and they hatched a second bunch mid June! They started out with about 12 chicks, and they've managed to keep up with 7, and they are getting sooo big! :)

And I got my free sandals in the mail, for being in the audience of The Wendy Williams Show when we were in NYC! I love them!!


Binford Family said...

I miss my # little ones! Great pics- I felt like I was right there with you! Love the kids cups and the new shoes :)

Binford Family said...

that # sight was suppose to be a 3 :) for Carson and the girls