Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Having Fun in July!

 Carson's friend, Sam, spent the night with us earlier this month, and the kids had a blast! We went to the zoo early one morning, and it was the best time my kids had ever had at The Dallas Zoo!!! The weather wasn't too hot, there was no crowd, and all of the animals were out!! And an added bonus for me....the kids were soooo well behaved!!

 The girls wanted to wear their hats that I got them from The Central Park Zoo, and it made me miss NYC! :)

 I LOVE the African penguins!! They are so friendly!

 Of course we rode the monorail!

 We ate lunch and didn't have a heatstroke!!

 Look at this funny lion we saw when we went in to buy cotton candy!!! The king of the jungle was sooo entertaining!

 I loved this sweet warthog, who will always be Pumba to me!!

 cotton candy!!


 I love the children's area at The Dallas Zoo!!!

 What a fun day, and since my pass is good until January 2013, we will have lots more zoo outings!

 The next day we went to The UTA Planetarium, and we had a great time!

 After we took Sammy home we played at Veterans Park!

 The next day Nana came over to watch the boys, and the girlies and I shopped for school supplies! I'm glad that is done!!

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